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While it was exclusive to amiibo for breath of the wildSheik’s Mask is available to everyone at Tears of the Kingdom. This piece of armor is an obvious reference to Sheikh of ocarina of time. While the Sheik himself doesn’t appear, his mask will improve Link’s stealth if players are determined to add it to their collection.

Sheik’s Mask is buried somewhere in the Depths of the southwestern region of Gerudo in Tears of the Kingdom. There are two chasms leading to the Desert Coliseum, which is where the Sheik’s Mask awaits. Players are advised to stock up on arrows and weapons before entering the coliseum.


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Sheik’s Mask Location (Desert Coliseum)

desert colosseum totk loz

Sheik’s Mask is in the Desert Coliseum in the Gerudo region. Players can enter through the Eastern Gerudo Abyss (-2492, -3070, -0096) or the Birida Lookout Abyss (-3693, -1827, 0002). Furthermore, although it is not requiredhe is It is recommended to activate the Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower or Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower. This will make it easier to find the Chasms on The Surface map. In fact, the Oriental Gerudo Abyss and the Birdia Lookout Abyss they are very close to the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower and the Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower respectively.

Once in the Depths, players will want to head towards -4158, -3826, -0478. This is near Kasari Lightroot.

If the players start from the Birida canyon viewpointthen they should head south toward Kasari Light Root . You will find the following Lightroots along the way:

  • Rasinaduk Lightroot (-4168, 2412, -0487)
  • Gonatoyros Lightroot (-3846, -2945, -0487)

If the players start from the Eastern Gerudo Chasmthen they want to head West toward Kasari Light Root instead, players will find these Lightroots:

  • Amakawais Lightroot (-2439, -3343, -0465)
  • Gataharak Light Root (-3728, -3624, -0494)

Those who depart from the Eastern Gerudo Abyss must be careful of the Gerudo Underground Graveyard. This is swarming with gloom-Moth Gibdos and gloom-Gibdos. It’s easier to circle around them. They will also want to be aware of the fox between the Amakawais and Gataharak Lightroots.

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Monsters of the Desert Coliseum

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Players who have already received majoras mask either Midna’s Mask you can know what to expect from the Coliseo del Desierto. Link will have to defeat five waves of enemies before he can clear the darkness of the treasure chest. Since the Desert Coliseum is buried, players i can’t slide from the top. Instead, circle around the coliseum to the coordinates -1344, -3711, -0480.

The Desert Coliseum is packed with horribleso players may want to have arches and Keese Eyeballs in your inventory. Placing a Keese Eyeball on an arrow will automatically guide the arrow towards the enemy for a critical or headshot. if the players No want to waste Monster Materials, so they can use long range weapons instead, or they can try to aim with regular arrows.

Try to make the Desert Coliseum after getting some of the Sages. Riju’s Lightning ability can come in handy when facing Horriblins.

wave 1

  • Enemies: Horriblins (x3)
  • Strategy: The easiest of the group. A strong bow along with an arrow to the head will kill all three. Since they are not too annoying, players should wait about the fusion of Keese Eyeballs/heat-seeking materials with arrows.

wave 2

  • Enemies: Blue Horriblins ( x3 )
  • Strategy: These guys have more HP than normal Horriblins, but they can be taken out the same way. Don’t use Keese Eyeballs with this wave either.

wave 3

  • Enemies: Black Horriblins (x2)
  • Strategy: Black level monsters can be hard to fight thanks to their HP and because they usually come with powerful weapons. There are only two, but players will want throw them off the roof with arrows If players want, they can start fusing Keese Eyeballs now. try to assume one at a time if Link is losing HP.

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wave 4

  • Enemies: Silver Horrible (x1)
  • Strategy: There is only one this time, but it’s a Silver Horriblin. This means that he is a tank and has a weapon that can cut through Link’s health with ease. One way to eliminate this problem is hit the Silver Horriblin on the head while on the roof. Run when he falls and hit him with a powerful weapon. if the horrifying drops his own weapon, players must take it before Horriblin can recover. When Horriblin jumps onto the roof again, players will want to distance from him and resort again to hitting him with arrows.

wave 5

  • Enemies: Horriblin (x1), Horriblin blue (x1), Horriblin black (x1), Horriblin silver (x1)
  • Strategy: Four can be intimidating, but this round shouldn’t be difficult if the players kill the Horriblin and the Blue Horriblin first. Use Keese Eyeballs if they get too close.
    • He ghastly black it can go next. can be easier stuns both the Black Horriblin and the Silver Horriblin so that they fall from the ceiling. While they are stunned, attack the Black Horriblin. Failing to stun one of the Horriblins means that it can attack Link while he tries to defeat the other.

Once everyone has been defeated, the entrance to the coliseum will open. Before leaving, loot the treasure chest (now free of darkness) to get sheikh mask.

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Can Sheik’s Mask be upgraded?

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Sheik’s Mask can be upgraded by a Great Fairy. starts with 2 Defense but it can be improved 16 Defense in full upgrade/4 stars:





0 stars


1 star


  • x1 silent princess
  • Star Shard x1

2 stars


  • x2 silent princess
  • Star Shard x2

3 star


  • x4 silent princess
  • Star Shard x3

4 stars (maximum)


  • x8 silent princess
  • Star Shard x4

When equipped, improves stealth. Sheik’s Mask is not part of an armor set, so this means it does not have a set bonus. However, it can be stacked with Stealth Armor like the Stealth Set or the Dark Armor.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available for Nintendo Switch.