Xbox Live Games With Gold titles announced for February 2023

Bring back that D&D tabletop magic or enjoy the craziest sports game of your life.

Microsoft has revealed its lineup of free games for Xbox Live Gold subscribers in February 2023, with just two titles: For The King and Guts ‘N Goals. These games are also available to those subscribed to Microsoft’s other gaming service, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

For the King is a unique gaming experience that blends RPG, strategy, and roguelike elements, allowing players to choose from various adventures with unique objectives or challenges while using non-war medieval classes such as blacksmiths or scholars instead of warriors or magicians to carry out these objectives. The exploration itself takes place using dice-based systems to determine moves and traits in a way that captures the randomness of traditional tabletop RPGs, and sometimes the things you collect can carry over into future adventures. For the King will be available to subscribers from February 1 to February 28.


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Guts ‘N Goals blends genres by combining sports and beat ’em up tropes to create a free-for-all sports experience. In this game, players can use various weapons instead of feet to score goals in unorthodox soccer matches, with each stadium offering a different way to play. Players can even hide in bushes, avoid rivers, or walk on ice fields, making for a sporting experience like no other. Also, players don’t have to worry about receiving penalty cards, because there aren’t any, and players can even KO their opponents for a while to give them more freedom when scoring goals. Guts ‘N Goals will be available for all Gold subscribers to claim from February 16 to March 15.

Guts and Goals

Both games can be enjoyed alone or with friends. For the King has both single player and cooperative modes, while Guts ‘N Goals can be played both online and offline, alone or with friends locally or over the Internet. For the King will also get a roguelike tabletop sequel this year titled For the King 2. The sequel follows the same core D&D formula and the developers promised that it will preserve the original experience’s juxtaposition between the dark overall story and the fun. quirky cast of characters. Needless to say, the sequel will also include many new classes and random factors that will make each adventure very different from the last, just like its predecessor.

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