Xbox Game Pass reveals 8 more games coming later this month, including 5 day one games

Xbox Game Pass adds two new games today and reveals eight more later this month, five of which are day one additions to the service.

Just in time, Microsoft reveals the selection of titles that will arrive xbox game pass in the second half of September 2022. Xbox Game Pass will add two games today: deadly loop to all platforms, and Hardspace: Shipbreaker to Cloud and Xbox Series X. After that, 8 more games are scheduled to release between September 22-30.

One of the biggest strengths of Xbox Game Pass is the steady influx of day one titles, with more than half of the games arriving later this month on the day and date of release on Xbox Game Pass. It is certainly a great sign for the gaming subscription service.


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The big addition today, of course, is deadly loop. After a year of exclusivity on PlayStation platforms, it finally comes to Xbox with a new Golden Loop update. it should be noted that deadly loop it’s also joining PS Plus Extra today, for anyone who hasn’t tried it on that platform yet but signs up for the service. However, that’s just the beginning for Xbox Game Pass.

slime rancher 2 enters early access on September 22 and will be playable on Game Pass. The first game is incredibly popular and there is a lot of anticipation. slime rancher 2, as it introduces new Slimes, mechanics, features, and more. So there is moon markingsa Soulslike title that has been getting a lot of attention lately, and Groundedfull release on September 29. Usually, SpiderHeck, Beacon Pines, Slime Rancher 2, Moonscars, Y Paw Patrol Grand Prix are all the titles of the first day.

Xbox Game Pass September 2022 list

  • September 20
    • Deathloop (Cloud, PC, and Xbox Series X)
    • Hardspace: Shipbreaker (Cloud, Xbox Series X)
  • September 22
    • SpiderHeck (Consoles and PC)
    • Beacon Pines (cloud, console, PC)
    • Slime Rancher 2 – Game Preview (Cloud, PC, Xbox Series X)
  • September 27th
    • Moonscars (Cloud, Console, PC)
    • Grounded: Full Version (Cloud, Console, PC)
  • September 29th
    • Let’s Build a Zoo (Cloud, Console, PC)
    • Valheim – Game Preview (PC)
  • September 30th
    • Paw Patrol Grand Prix (Cloud, Console, PC)

Obviously, these games won’t appeal to everyone, but there’s plenty of variety here, so most subscribers will probably find something of value. Xbox Game Pass is also gaining a very family-friendly reputation, as there are plenty of great games for kids. With Paw Patrol Grand Prix day one, it’s just more great games for kids on Xbox Game Pass.

xbox game pass subscribers get a handful of games each month.

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Source: Xbox Wire

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