Xbox Game Pass loses 10 games today, including one of the best games of 2020

August 31st is sad for the Xbox Game Pass service as it not only loses more games than usual, but it loses one of the best games on the service.

xbox game pass just added four new games, including Immortality which has received rave reviews, but many fans are looking forward to new and already confirmed Xbox Game Pass titles for September 2022. Unfortunately, before then, many games will leave the service.

Fans are likely used to Game Pass titles leaving the service in the middle and end of the month. It has become the norm, and most of the time, it’s no big deal. This is because additions often outnumber removals. However, Xbox Game Pass confirmed that it would lose 10 games on August 31, which is double the normal amount. It’s not just a matter of quantity, either, as several high-quality games are also leaving the service.


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Of course, the biggest game to come out of Game Pass is Hell. This roguelike game can tell a deeply emotional story about Zagreus, his father, and his family thanks to the die-and-replay nature of the game. Due to its gameplay, story, characters, music, art direction, and much more, Hades is a critical and commercial success for developer Supergiant Games. It has a 94 on Opencritic, with 99% of critics recommending it, and is widely regarded as one of the best games of 2022. Saying goodbye is hard any day, but then nine more games join in your departure.

List of Xbox Game Pass games coming out in late August 2022

  • hell
  • dangerous elite
  • mystical
  • NBA 2K22
  • traveler signals
  • spiritual traveler
  • twelve minutes
  • two point hospital
  • What remains of Edith Finch
  • World War Z

The remaining games may not be as universally loved as Hell, but every subscriber is losing something if he postponed playing it and didn’t play it before his departure. NBA 2K22 is great for sports fans, while two point hospital has seen something of a resurgence after its sequel. What remains of Edith Finch is hailed as one of the games that propel video games as an art form, and World War Z (albeit a bit generic) is a solid multiplayer game for someone to pick up and play, especially if you’re on a service like Game Pass. And then there’s a ton more lying on top of that.

August 30-31, August 30-31, includes some of the biggest changes to Xbox Game Pass in recent memory. Other big games have come and gone, but the end of August was definitely a one-two punch. Hopefully, September takes longer after the August 30th releases than the August 31st removals.

xbox game pass subscribers get a handful of games each month.

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