Xbox Game Pass adds 4 games today, including a day one launch to rave reviews

August may be winding down, with many fans looking forward to all the new games, subscription service additions, and events taking place in September, but xbox game pass is looking to end with a bang. While August 31st is a sad day for Xbox Game Pass as it will lose some big games like hellAugust 30 is an almost perfect counterweight to that.

Today, August 30, Xbox Game Pass adds four new games to the service. Each of today’s additions is a strong title for the service, but perhaps one will stand out from the rest.


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The four games available today are Commandos 3: HD Remaster, Immortality, Immortals Fenyx RisingY Tinykin. Commandos 3 HD Y Immortals Fenyx Rising are available on all platforms, including the cloud, consoles, and PC, while tinykin is only available on console and PC, and Immortality is available on all platforms except Xbox One. The first title here is a revamped take on a beloved real-time strategy wargame, while Immortals Fenyx Rising is a unique action-adventure role-playing game from Ubisoft. tinykin is similar to Pikmin in how the little creatures follow the main lead, and it also has some solid reviews. However, what stands out from the group is Immortalitywhich launches day one on Game Pass to absolutely rave reviews today.

Xbox Game Pass August 30th Additions List

  • Commandos 3: HD Remaster – Cloud/Consoles/PC
  • Immortality – Cloud/PC/Xbox Series X
  • Immortals Fenyx Rising – Cloud/Consoles/PC
  • tinykin – Console/PC

Before other reviews, Edge Magazine gave Immortality a perfect score of 10/10 a few weeks ago. This is noteworthy because the publication has only given a perfect score to 23 other games since 1993, with the most recent coming before Immortality being elden ring. Of course, a post is just a post, but now that other reviews have come in, it’s basically unanimously praised. The PC version of Immortality, for example, has eighteen reviews; Of these, there are eight perfect scores of 10/10 and three below 90 (the lowest is 80). This brings its Metacritic score, as of this writing, to 92, giving it universal recognition on the aggregate site. It also has a 92 on Xbox Series X, albeit with fewer reviews submitted so far.

Immortality is the latest game from Sam Barlow, a well-known developer responsible for games like His story Y Telling lies. Immortality is an FMV horror game where players must solve the mystery of actress Marissa Marcel’s disappearance by studying clips from her movies and more. With Game Pass, there’s little reason not to check it out.

xbox game pass subscribers get a handful of games each month.

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