Winter predictions, change of restaurant hours and get in shape alone

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I’ve never gotten into Game of Thrones, but I do know the reference that had everyone on the edge of their seats a few years back. Winter is coming. And in our case, ready or not, it will be here this week. The climatological winter begins this Thursday, December 1. And while it’s hard to make weather predictions more than a few days in advance, Illinois State Climatologist Trent Ford says the Chicago area will see a wetter-than-normal winter season.

Trent Ford: A lot of that comes from La Niña, we are entering our third La Niña in a row. With those anomalously cold sea surface temperatures in the Pacific, they’re like opposite twins to El Nino and what the La Nina winters can bring, and they tend to bring us slightly wetter weather in Illinois. And that’s really what perspectives lead to.

erin allen: And if you’re wondering how cold this winter will be, well, you still have to wait for me to say that there’s still an equal chance that temperatures will rise above or below normal. So I guess we’ll find out.

Some Chicagoans are deeply concerned about the police department’s proposed Criminal Enterprise Information System, also known as the gang database. At a public safety and accountability commission meeting last night, attendees said they fear the proposed policy will continue to target communities of color. Chicago police officials said the database is meant to help them investigate criminal activity and that under the new policy, people will be able to access and appeal their status on the list.

A lot hasn’t been the same since before 2020, including opening hours at some of our favorite places, if they’re still open. According to a new survey by the Chicago Firm, restaurants in River North reduced their hours of operation more during the COVID 19 pandemic than restaurants in any other part of the country. The country. Some restaurants have stopped serving lunch altogether, while others are now closed several days a week. Restaurant owners say the deep cuts in operating hours are due in part to inflation, a lack of workers and changing consumer habits. But the biggest problem may be the slow return of workers from the center.

Indicted Chicago councilman Edward Burke will not be running for re-election next year, ending his reign as the city’s longest-serving councilman. My colleague Mariah Woelfel tells us more.

Mariah Wolffel: Burke, who has served on the council since 1969, declined to run for a 15th term as he faces a federal corruption case that will go to trial late next year. He is charged with extortion, bribery and attempted extortion for allegedly using his influence at City Hall to obtain business for his private law practice. The 14th district that he represents is on the southwest side, is majority Latino, and has been the seat of power for the Berks for decades. His decision not to file voter papers before yesterday’s filing deadline makes it an open race for the two candidates vying to replace him. Jeylu Gutierrez, Cook County district director; and Raul Reyes, Burke’s longtime assistant.

erin allen: That was my fellow WBEZ reporter Mariah Woelfel.

Here in the Midwest, staying active in the winter often feels like hitting the gym, but for some of us, the thought of working out with other people: stress. Think of all those videos you see online making fun of people exercising without them knowing, or how much unwanted attention you could be getting. Well, there’s a new gym in the Fulton Market where you can work out with some solitude and privacy. The gym module is a group of mini gyms set up and shipping containers according to the block club of Chicago. You can rent a pod for 30 minutes at a time $6 per timeslot. The company was founded in Singapore by Damian Chow, who says he created it for introverts like him, but says the capsules have also been popular with personal trainers and their clients. The Fulton Market location has three smart pods equipped with all the basics for traditional strength and functional training. And some of the pods have cardio machines like treadmills and rowers.

And a few quick hits before hitting the weather. Two citywide elected officials will run unopposed in the February 2023 election. City Treasurer Melissa Conyears-Ervin and City Clerk Anna Valencia were the only ones filing papers in their respective races . And so far 11 people have donned their hats in the Chicago mayoral race. We’ll keep you posted on the final numbers at

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Weather wise, it’s the kind of day these between seasons are known for: warm and rainy, high mid 50s and showers all day, low in the low 40s tonight. And that’s all for today. See you early tomorrow morning at The Rundown. I’m Erin Allen, I’m talking to you then.

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