Will there be NFL games available in 4K in the first week?

TV Response Man, I watched parts of a Fox college football game in 4K over the weekend and was shocked at what I was seeing. The picture was much better. Do you know if the NFL will have 4K games this weekend or Thursday night’s game? —Carlo, Easton, Maryland.

Carlo, the 2022 NFL season kicks off this Thursday night with the Buffalo Bills-Los Angeles Rams game at 8 pm ET on NBC. Then on Sunday, everyone else plays with games on CBS and Fox, and the Dallas Cowboys-Tampa Bay Buccaneers game on NBC’s Sunday Night Football (also on Peacock) and the Denver Broncos-Seattle Seahawks quiz the next night at 8. p. ESPN and ABC.

In past seasons, CBS, NBC, ABC and ESPN have not produced any NFL games in 4K and there is no indication that will change in 2022. Fox, however, has made Thursday Night Football regular season games in 4K. , as well as playoff contests and the 2020 Super Bowl.

But now that Fox no longer has the rights to TNF (Amazon will take over starting September 15), does that mean the network won’t be making any regular season games in 4K either?

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After checking with a handful of industry sources, it appears Fox won’t be making any games in 4K for the first week. (Same goes for CBS, NBC, ABC/ESPN; no 4K of them in week one yet.) I haven’t been able to determine if that means Fox won’t do any 4K after the first week.

But considering that Fox has only done the national Thursday Night Football games in 4K during the regular season for the past few years, my guess is that we’re not likely to see the network do any this year, except maybe the Action game. thanks. Fox isn’t likely to invest the extra money and resources needed to make a 4K production of a regular season game, particularly one that might only be available regionally.

TV Answer Man will continue to monitor this situation and will report here if anything changes. But for now, if you want football in 4K, you’ll have to watch the college field action in Fox Y ESPN.

Carlo, I hope it helps you. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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— Philip Swann

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