Will the exorcism of my best friend come out in September 2022?

Some days ago, Amazon Prime Video released the first look at his upcoming horror film, exorcism of my best friend. And although the film reminds us a lot of the 2009 film, Jennifer’s bodyalso gives us a glimpse of nostalgia similar to that of Strange things Y seoul vibe.

If you’re curious to see this movie, here’s what you need to know about it:

exorcism of my best friend Release date

Credit: Amazon Prime Video

Along with the first official trailer for exorcism of my best friendAmazon Prime Video revealed the film’s release date. And the good news is that you don’t have to wait too long for the movie to come out.

In fact, exorcism of my best friend will be released on the streaming platform on Friday, September 30.

exorcism of my best friend Story: What is it about?

Credit: Amazon Prime Video

The film was inspired by a 2016 novel written by grady hendrix. This is the author’s second novel, which he described as “Playas meets The Exorcist”.

Its official synopsis says:

“The year is 1988. Abby and Gretchen, high school sophomores, have been best friends since fourth grade. But after a night of nude bathing goes disastrously wrong, Gretchen starts acting…different. It’s wrong.” mood. She’s cranky. And strange incidents keep happening whenever she’s around. Abby’s investigation leads her to some startling discoveries, and when her story reaches its terrifying conclusion, Abby and Gretchen’s fate will be determined by a single question. : Is their friendship powerful enough to defeat the devil?

The film adaptation is directed by Damon Thomas with a script written by jenna lamia. Christopher Landon Y Ellen Goldsmith-Vein they are credited as producers on the film.

As Hendrix explained in an interview with Scifi Pulse:

“In terms of inspiration for The Exorcism of My Best Friend, it’s about getting the title first and then figuring out the rest later, Roger Corman-esque. In so many exorcism books and movies, it’s basically the story of some old men who they tie a young girl to her bed and scream at her for hours. The demonic (possessed person) doesn’t matter. In The Exorcist we don’t know much about Regan because she’s irrelevant to that story, instead it’s about the demon that tests the priest’s faith , using the demoniac as a vessel”.

“So I wanted to focus on the demonic experience. Then I had to deal with the fact that faith is central to exorcism stories, but I don’t think religious faith is as powerful now as it was in the past, so I had to find something that people believed in just as strongly, and the obvious answer was their friends My friends in high school saved my life, more than once, and that’s when friendships are strongest , so that meant it had to be set in high school and the high school experience I know best is from the ’80s. So the story really came together in a series of logical steps once I thought of it.”

exorcism of my best friend Cast: Who’s in this?

Credit: Amazon Prime Video

exorcism of my best friend starring the following actors:

  • elsie fisherman (as Abby)
  • amiah miller (as Gretchen)
  • Cathy Ang (as joy)
  • Rachel Ogechi Kanu (as Margaret)
  • chris lowell
  • Nathan Anderson
  • Clayton Johnson
  • Ashley Le Conte Campbell

where to look exorcism of my best friend Trailer

Credit: Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has released the official trailer for exorcism of my best friend. It’s giving off a lot of ’80s vibe, which is the theme of the movie. It makes it quite interesting, but scary at the same time.

You can see it here:

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