Why You Should Be Excited For This Aquatic Action Movie

Sometimes a movie doesn’t have to be particularly deep to be enjoyable. take 2018 megalodon, For example. For a movie to be enjoyable, sometimes you just have to pare down the essentials to a fine point and push a simple idea to the greatest extreme it can go. In the meg, it just so happens to be a movie about a gigantic shark. A prehistoric megalodon shark, to be exact. Bigger is always better, right?

Five years later, a sequel to megalodon entitled Meg 2: The Trench seeks to up the ante in more ways than one. Not only will our gigantic free shark return, but other creatures from the deep will also find themselves rising to the surface to face humanity alongside other land creatures. If you ever wanted to see a megalodon eat a tyrannosaurus rex, mega 2 it may be right up your alley. But if that’s not reason enough to catch mega 2there are plenty of other reasons to get excited about this aquatic action flick.


more megalodons

Meg 2 The Trench Shark
Images from Warner Bros.

It is typical for the sequel to a movie to be bigger than the last. What could be more intimidating than a single megalodon shark? How about three megalodon sharks to start? But we’ve seen these kinds of tricks before. Let’s not forget the speed sharknado faded out of relevance. Triple our shark count means we’ll need some fresh ideas to keep things interesting.

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Taking over as director from Jon Turteltaub is Ben Wheatley, a director you might be surprised to see attached. Known for their dark comedy takes on the action-horror genre, it’s a bit strange that they’re given the chance to make a colorful giant shark movie.

However, this type of creative reorganization may be necessary to maintain megalodon as fresh as the daily catch. A change of director literally means a change of address, and in the case of mega 2, it seems that we will go beyond the depths of the ocean to break the surface in more ways than one. While they may not be able to pull off the same trick for a third movie, we’ll at least be able to revel in the onscreen mayhem our giant megalodons can muster.

Bigger fish to fry

This time we will not only see sharks take pieces of almost everything. From the looks of things, there will be a lot more than just fish to fry.

We mentioned that one of the sharks eats a dinosaur. Oh, a shark eating a velociraptor or a spinosaurus, that’s cool. But you’d be wrong: we’re talking about a full-size T-rex here. The king of the dinosaurs was reduced to nothing more than a chum in an instant.

While we may not see full-size dinosaurs for most of the film, we do get a brief glimpse of newcomer Wu Jing fighting what appears to be a terrestrial reptile in mega 2trailer of . However, it’s hard to say if it’s a modern animal or something drawn from prehistory. It would line up with the film’s official plot synopsis that our group of heroic investigators will be up against “relentless environmental looters.”

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The depths of the sea will also return with a vengeance. A large tentacled creature can be seen attacking a helicopter before finally shooting it down, and if the events of mega 2 aligning with those of the book it’s based on, we also get to see a new threat in the form of a newly discovered prehistoric monster alongside our megalodons.

Statham’s return

Jason Statham in Meg 2 The Trench
Images from Warner Bros.

It’s always a treat to see Jason Statham take a somewhat silly concept for an action movie and follow through on it completely. If you loved him at the top Crank series or even just in the previous Mega movie, you’ll be happy to know that she’ll be reprising her role for Meg 2: The Trench.

It’s easy to tell when Statham is having fun with a movie. He Crank Arguably, the series wouldn’t do as well without his high-energy, uncompromising commitment to its ludicrous premise.

But while megalodon The franchise isn’t built on staying alive through constant adrenaline or electric shocks, signing up to fight a megalodon feels equally over the top. Don’t you believe us? A teased scene shows Statham riding a jet-ski over a tidal wave, clutching a harpoon in his bare hands like the mighty Poseidon, ready to pounce on an encroaching megalodon. All I’d have to do is jump on the monstrous thing, and we’d cross over into unadulterated madness.

We’re about to enter summer blockbuster season, and there really couldn’t be a more fitting way to celebrate the months of non-stop crowd-pleasing events with something like Meg 2: The Trench. The film is currently scheduled to be released exclusively in theaters on August 4.