Why Anime-Based Mobile Games Are Often Not That Popular

Of genshin impact to fire emblem heroes, mobile gaming is fast becoming one of the most lucrative types of games in the video game industry. As expected, many companies have made an effort to access the market. This of course includes anime.

However, despite having already established fandoms, mobile games based on anime tend to be much more short-lived compared to original IPs or, for that matter, mobile games based on existing video game franchises. So what is it that makes anime-based mobile games less lucrative?

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Why are so many anime finally getting tie-ins with mobile games?

Advertisement for the mobile game Re:Zero Lost in Memories

In a classic case of “follow the leader”, many popular anime franchises have seen the success behind the current state of the mobile gaming industry and quickly followed suit. Compared to console games, it costs less to produce mobile games, as mobile games tend to use 2D rather than 3D assets and models, and overall gameplay tends to be much simpler.

Due to their live service feature, these games can consistently earn more money compared to individual purchases. The blind nature of the games also makes it very easy to entice players to keep trying to roll for their favorite characters and, in some cases, for the most dedicated fans, every available alternative of that character.

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Why are mobile games based on anime usually so short-lived?

Assassination Classroom official mobile game screenshots

Modern anime fans tend to have a much shorter lifespan compared to video game fans these days, with long-running and classic titles like sailor moon and One piece being the exceptions. assassination classroom it was very popular during the time the anime was still airing, but once the final season ended, interest in the series began to wane due to a lack of new content. A mobile game based on the anime was released in 2015, but was shut down about a year later.

mobile games like lost dragalia either genshin impact it features all-new worlds, characters, and stories, and fans can only fully experience those stories by playing these games. Also, games like pokemon masters either fire emblem heroes they also feature entirely new stories and characters, but also have the added appeal of introducing interactions between characters that would otherwise never be found due to the crossover nature of the games. Video game fans also tend to be long-lived, especially those who come from long-standing franchises like Final Fantasy or the serial tales.

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Iroha and her friends defend Kamihama in Magia Record

By contrast, anime based on mobile games tends to recycle the same stories rather than introduce new ones, with very few exceptions. That’s why games like magic record it found more success as it introduces new characters and stories, but while the game is still alive and well in its native Japan, its global server was shut down after a year and a half. Even a popular ongoing series like Re: Zero could not last long in the mobile game market as one of its tie-in mobile games, Re: Zero lost in memories, it only lasted about two years before being closed. It is also worth noting that both the assassination classroom mobile game and Re: Zero lost in memories they were never released globally.

There’s definitely potential in anime-based mobile games, but game developers are going to have to do more than just put characters in cute outfits to make sure they last for more than a year. As with any game, having compelling characters and stories can take things a long way.