Why a new fighting game would work

sailor moon is one of the most popular Japanese media franchises of all time, spawning two anime series, live-action movies, musicals, art exhibits, merchandise, and even a group of pop idols. Its enormous popularity has persisted for more than 30 years since the release of the original manga, and it has carved out a distinct place for itself not only in Japanese but also global pop culture. However, despite everything, video games have been missing for the series.

Fighting games based on anime and manga have been popular for several decades, both in competitive communities and for casual gaming. This year alone has seen the launch of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle Rwith upcoming games set to release for other series including Dragon Ballwho has left a similar legacy to sailor moon. However, most of these anime fighting games are based on shonen series, those that are meant to appeal to teenagers. Although there have been a number of sailor moon video games, most that have been released since the 1990s have been puzzle games. A fighting game for the series has been expected for a long time.

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Although it has elements of romance and friendship is a unifying principle in the franchise, at its core, sailor moon is an action-fantasy series that focuses on a protagonist with magical powers who fights against the forces of evil. Therefore, a fighting game would be perhaps the best way to highlight these parts of the series. One of the innovative parts of sailor moon was that, unlike previous magical girl series, it featured a group of magical girls with different skills and abilities. For example, Sailor Mars could channel the element of fire and Sailor Pluto had the ability to stop time. This is the perfect stuff for a fighting game – character strengths and weaknesses can be quite unique, allowing casual players to simply pick their favorite characters, while more competitive players can pick them based on the abilities they have. best suit their playing styles.

sailor moon it is a shojo series, which means that it is intended to appeal to an audience of mainly teenage girls. This may be why most games have focused on a more casual experience. However, the idea that girls would not enjoy a more intense experience sailor moon The fighting game is pretty outdated. It also doesn’t really reflect the reality of gaming, as young women have played a number of different genres throughout gaming history, from farming simulators to first-person shooters.

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Nor does this idea reflect the diverse audience of sailor moonwhich is not exclusively for young girls as it is one of the most popular franchises of all time. sailor moon it is extremely recognizable across the world and across a wide age range, even among people who have never seen a single anime episode. Occupying this uniquely pervasive and timeless place in pop culture, sailor moon in game form it would appeal to a wide audience.

This is most prominently seen in the once negatively received quiet 1994 revival. sailor moon play. Released for SNES, Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon S: Jōgai Rantō!? Shuyaku Sodatsusen it looks a lot like Street Fighter and other arcade fighting games of the time. Although at the time of its release it received mixed reviews, more recent reviews of the game have been quite positive, highlighting its unbalanced mechanics as a fun element of the game. It currently has a cult following in the fighting game community, even appearing in major recent gaming tournaments such as the Evolution Championship Series. Obviously, the game has a wider audience than people think. Just because it’s a series about teenage girls doesn’t mean its appeal is limited to that same demographic.

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Of course, such a game would be one of the few fighting games to feature mostly non-male characters, with young women and non-binary characters making up most of the core of the series. While some might consider this factor a risk in creating a sailor moon fighting game, could also be a big draw. The series’ focus on characters that are female and queer, with non-binary canon characters, lesbians, and more, has made it quite popular with real-life queer communities. While many video games have issues with mostly male fans harassing female employees and players alike, the game’s more diverse characters can welcome a more diverse audience, making the community safer for people of color. various genders and sexualities.

Although there have been several sailor moon fighting games, there hasn’t been one released since the mid-1990s, and it might be time for that to change. While there are a few more risks associated with making a game based on an older series compared to the newer popular shonen series, sailor moon revolutionized the shojo genre and continues to reach new audiences in manga and anime. Who’s to say he won’t do the same with video games?

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