Which game has the best food?

Apparently, eating Pokémon wasn’t enough for us, as this week we’re curious as to which game has the best food. Whether it’s something normal humans eat or something you know in your heart must taste amazing—even if it doesn’t normally qualify as “food”—it’s time to make your face fun and enjoy the best deals. gaming gourmet.

Let’s hope James doesn’t want to commit any more ‘ethical cannibalism’…

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Odin’s Sphere

Joe Parlock, desktop editor

My only regret about playing Odin Sphere: Lefthraisir was that it was on the Vita and not on a big TV where I could drool over all the delicious looking food. It’s a huge part of the game, as you can eat various foods to improve your skills, or go to a restaurant for even fancier meals.


Featuring Vanillaware’s traditional hand-painted art style, each berry, pie, and root looks amazing. While the usual litmus test for “delicious 2D food” is Studio Ghibli, I’d say Odin Sphere looks even more beautiful than Ni No Kuni or Howl’s Moving Castle.

Now excuse me, I need to go and eat random berries I found in the forest.

final fantasy 15

James Troughton, Photo/News Editor

If a game has food that looks so good that you want to go out and cook it, then it’s probably a winner. Skyrim’s sweet rolls are tempting, sure, and Cooking Mama makes me want to bake what will inevitably be a disappointing batch of cookies, but Final Fantasy 15 has photorealistic dishes that look so good that people have used the game as their own. personal cookbook. . The best curry in gaming, fried eggs that make me cringe, and even sandwiches that cringe: Final Fantasy 15 is a culinary triumph.

To the east

Harry Alston, Senior Specialist

Eastward is a gorgeous story-driven indie pixel game with some of the tastiest food I’ve ever seen in a video game. The whole cooking process is also just a total hit. Listen to this music. You will hear it in your dreams. Sometimes I play it while I prepare breakfast.

I was a teenage exocolonist

Jade King, Lead Features Editor

I may have just submitted my review of this narrative adventure, but there are still so many up-to-date beauties and story events to experience that I can’t help but jump to another game. Or several, because I just bought the console version and I want to see everything this gem has to offer. Beyond that, a part of me wants to undermine Saints Row a little more before turning my back on it forever. It’s an unfortunate reboot, but my love for the series is strong enough that I want to persevere and see if anything awaits me that might change my mind. I’m not holding out hope, but you never know.

mom cooking

Gabrielle Houston, Specialist

I’m not sure if it’s cheating to use a cooking game for this question, or if I’m the only one who understood the task! Either way, Cooking Mama has a special place in my heart. It was one of the first games I got for my DS Lite and I enjoyed it for years. In my family, cooking is a truly communal event where even people who aren’t actively cooking are standing nearby and chatting. Cooking Mama gave me the same kind of warmth and satisfaction that I got from those family gatherings and encouraged me to learn step by step how I could help and get involved. To this day, sometimes I look at my finished dishes and think that Mom would be proud of me.

final fantasy 15

Amanda Hurych, Evergreen Chief Content Officer

I’m with James on this. You have viewed the dishes that Ignis prepares for you on your journey in FF15? They are some of the most impressive representations of food I have ever seen, and I include actual photos of food when I say this. The man makes these gourmet looking dishes when everyone is camping in the desert. He is a cooking genius. I remember snorting with laughter when Ignis first wrote a recipe in his notebook after I bought it from a store. But over time, after seeing plate after magnificent plate, I instantly started salivating like Pavlov’s dog every time he said, “I just came up with a new recipe!”

Yakuza 6

Justin Reeve, news editor

I can think of a few games with good food, but as a huge fan of Asian cuisine, I can’t think of anything better than Yakuza 6. I only pick this entry in the franchise because it happens to be the last major line. play. The same goes for anything in the series as far as I’m concerned. I mean, you can walk into any fast food restaurant for a burger, but why not have a Korean BBQ instead? You can have some ramen or soba which are also good options. The best part is that all of these are available in one of the best game worlds ever created, Kamurocho. Itadakimasu!

monster hunter world

Vaspaan Dastoor, News Editor and Evergreen

I must apologize for my colleagues. Final Fantasy 15 has appeared twice, but Monster Hunter: World hasn’t so far. There is no comparison to the lavish feasts Chef Meowscular prepares for you before you embark on a hunt. He looks, and I suppose he tastes good, so good that he awakens a carnal instinct in you to hunt, kill and harvest each monster in parts. This is how it feels for him to be at the top of the food chain.

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