Which Assassin’s Creed games have the largest maps?

Since the launch of the first assassin’s Creed 15 years ago, the franchise has impressed gamers and critics alike with well-built, fun-to-explore open worlds that have seemingly continued to grow. In game after game in the series, the developers have striven to create maps that will inspire players to explore and investigate the cities and countries in which the games take place, while also impressing with a scale and proportion unlike any other. they are seen in most open world games. With the arrival of Origins of Assassin’s Creed in 2017, which served as a soft reset for the series, the size of these maps exploded on an unexpected scale, which has accompanied scrutiny for the abandonment of the classic assassin’s Creed parkour gameplay, as well as lack of realism in some elements.


most of assassin’s Creed titles prior to origins adopted a similar template in regards to its game worlds, many of which take place in one city or several smaller-scale cities in a country. For example, the first two titles in the series took place within a region (the Holy Land during the Third Crusade in the first game and Renaissance Italy in the second) and allowed players to visit smaller-scale cities (such as Jerusalem, Damascus, Florence, and Venice) that could be accessed through a short journey or story progression. In other assassin’s Creed games that were released later in the series, such as Labor union Y Unitfocused on recreating a famous city on a larger scale than previously seen, in these cases London and Paris respectively, and yet each assassin’s Creed adjustment so far has received praise for its accuracy and precision.

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With the popularity of role-playing games on the rise, in part due to the success of games like the sorcerer Y the ancient scrolls (and their large, well-crafted maps), Ubisoft provided a assassin’s Creed assume the formula with the launch of origins, OdysseyY Valhalla. The open worlds in these games provide a different experience than previous titles in the series, with a map so large that it provides a collection of well-researched, real-life inspired cities and sights for the player to explore. The ambitious open worlds are by far the largest in the series, with each installment bringing an expansive new map to fully explore. Difficulty seeing every nook and cranny begs the question of which map in the series is truly the largest and whether assassin’s CreedLarger maps of are problematic.

Origins, Odyssey and Valhalla have the largest Assassin’s Creed maps

Ubisoft’s first effort to create an open world map suitable for an RPG, with Origins of Assassin’s Creed, comes in the smallest of the three maps, with a reported size of around 31 square miles, according to Nexus Hub. This recreation of Ancient Egypt is no small feat, however, with the size of SkyrimThe critically acclaimed map comes in at just around 14.5 square miles. Despite some aspects of origins disappointing in the long run assassin’s Creed fans, the open world was very well received by players and critics alike.

The latest release in the franchise, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, celebrated the move to the next generation of consoles by attempting something never before seen in a game in the series: two large maps in two separate countries. Ubisoft’s recreation of Norway and England was a visual and historically accurate triumph, so much so that the game’s version of Assassin’s Creed Discovery Tour it launched independently, even offering a free curriculum guide for teachers to use in classes. Although Valhalla Being the latest release in the series, its map isn’t the largest at around 38.5 square miles, though the densely populated world offers a wide range of educational and tourist opportunities worth exploring.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, which made the much-requested move to explore Ancient Greece, is Ubisoft’s most ambitious project to date in terms of open worlds. The map is an incredible 90.7 square miles in total, however it’s worth noting that most of it is made up of seas to traverse from island to island; however, the landmass still occupies about 45 square miles, making it the largest in the series by around seven miles. With the escape of the next assassin’s Creed game that confirms its location in Baghdad and likely returns to non-RPG roots, it remains to be seen if future titles will challenge the scale of Odyssey.

Source: NexusHub

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