Which 2022 Packers games are the most anticipated?

The NFL regular season is right around the corner. As always, there are some games that Packers fans look forward to more than others. Whether it’s because they’re rivals, fighting for the top spot, two players who have always been compared, or just an overall great matchup, there are plenty of reasons to be excited about a game. Here’s a list of the eight regular season games I think get the most hype, from least hype to most hype.

8. Week 2 vs. chicago bears

It’s always a fun game when a team plays against their rivals. The Packers and Bears are no exception. These two teams have a hatred for each other that rivals any other rivalry in the league. It goes back to the beginning of the NFL. That is a century of hated rivalry. According to McQuade Arnold’s article, a former Bear is already talking a bit about the Packers’ wide receivers. This game would be a chance for them to prove him wrong by outrunning Bears defenders and racking up yards and touchdowns. As he icing, it will be Sunday Night Football. Will Rodgers still own the Bears?

7. Week 1 @ Minnesota Vikings

Once again, a rivalry makes the list. Not surprising, as rivalries always add some spice to games. However, this is more than just the rivalry. This game is the first of the season. Every football fan of any football team has endured the entire off-season, especially the dreaded June and July with absolutely no football, just waiting for this day to come. Once 9/11 arrives, the wait will finally be over. The football season returns and returns with force against a rival. Russell S. Baxter already made a bold prediction about this game in his post. We’ll see if he ends up being right.

6. Week 18 vs. Detroit Lions

Three rivals in a row. Wow. This, instead of being the first game of the season, will be the last game of the regular season. If the Lions really turn out to be a good team, this game could have some big ramifications. I don’t think they’re fighting the Packers for the top spot in the NFC North, but they may be fighting for a wild card spot. All Packers fans would love to see them close the door on the Lions’ playoff hopes. The only reason this game isn’t higher is because the Lions may not even be in the playoff race and this is going to be just another rivalry game. In addition, the Packers could already take the first place and could start reserves so as not to injure their players. However, I look forward to the scenario with the pressure of the playoffs.

5. Week 10 vs. Dallas Cowboys

With the way Cowboys fans are to other fans, everyone loves to beat the Cowboys. With the Packers, it is even more so. Ever since I first started watching football in 2007, there seems to be some kind of unspoken rivalry between the Packers and Cowboys. There was literally a span of five or six years where they played each other every year. To add to this unspoken rivalry, Rodgers will take on Prescott. It’s time for Prescott to prove that he can hang with the big guys. My last one is not that the Cowboys could be fighting for the top spot in their division while the Packers could be fighting for the top spot in the NFC. That means both teams could be desperate for this win.

4. Week 17 vs. Minnesota Vikings

I know what you’re thinking. “Haven’t we already gone over the Vikings?” Yes we did, but we played them twice and for me, both games have a lot of buzz. This is similar to the section on Lions. The playoffs are two weeks away and the Vikings could be fighting for a wild card spot. The Packers could be fighting for the top spot. Both teams will have extra motivation to win. That should make this game a thriller. This game would be higher if there was a chance the Vikings would have a first-year problem with first-year head coach Kevin O’Connell. That would mean this is just another rivalry game. I really expect playoff pressure on this one as well.

3. Week 15 vs. Los Angeles Rams

The top three games really get so much hype and it was hard to rank them in order. I will be excited to see you all. This one only had slightly less publicity than the other two. Do I really need to explain the hype on this one? I mean, they are the Super Bowl champions! How is it not number one, right? Not only that, but these two will likely battle it out for the number one spot in the playoffs for the first round bye. To top it off, it will be on Monday Night Football. Oh, so much hype. This will be a great game to watch and a possible preview of the NFC Championship.

2. Week 3 @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This game has a lot of hype, but it also has revenge. That’s right, this is a game of revenge for the packers. In 2020, the Packers were one game away from reaching the Super Bowl. Who was it that beat them in the NFC Championship? That year’s eventual Super Bowl winners, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I know, it’s regular season, but I’m sure Rodgers wants to get back at them and this is where to do it. The Bucs also beat the Packers in the regular season that year. The Packers might have a chance to beat them here and then again in the playoffs, thus getting the ultimate rematch. To add to that, it would possibly be Rodgers and Brady for the last time, though you never know with these two age-defying quarterbacks. This should be a great game.

1. Week 8 at Buffalo Bills

That is all. I think the game has the most hype of all. The Bills against the Packers, both considered favorites for the Super Bowl. These are two powerhouses that will dominate most other teams. We’ll see how they fare against each other. These are the cream of the crop. Goku vs Vegeta. Iron Man vs Captain America. Optomus Prime versus Megatron. Okay, I’m done geeking out. Still, this is the game I look forward to the most. Rogers versus Allen. His defense and our defense. Two of the best teams in the entire NFL. My final note: this is a potential preview of the Super Bowl. It is very possible that these two will go to the Super Bowl this year for a rematch of this game. This is the kind of thing football fans live for.

These were the games that I think have the most publicity of all. I hope you enjoyed and are as excited as I am.

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