Where is the Steve Carell series airing?

Given his extensive career in comedy, Steve Carell he’s proven time and time again that he can nail comic relief in a tea. However, the actor has also shown his versatility on screen by venturing into dramatic territory in projects like Handsome boy Y the morning show. Following the trail of notable non-comedy roles, his latest IMDB credit titled The patient shows viewers a side Carell hasn’t explored much of yet.

The patient focuses on a psychotherapist named Alan Strauss (Carell), who ends up in captivity once his patient Sam Fournier (Domhnall Gleeson) opts for a more extreme therapy treatment for his serial killer tendencies. Searching for ways to break free and unhinged, Strauss tries to get inside Fournier’s head by daring him to share his trauma and ignore his desire to kill. However, caring for his patient in an uncomfortable environment leads the therapist himself to begin to unblock his own family struggles, including the death of his wife and the estranged relationship with his son. If he’s looking for a thriller to watch next that features one of Hollywood’s most cherished blunders, then this miniseries might be exactly what he’s looking for. Here’s a handy guide to where and when to stream the show.


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When does the patient leave?

To end the month of August, The patient It will arrive on Hulu starting August 30 with the premiere of its first two episodes. The next eight chapters of the psychological thriller will be released weekly from September 6 until the finale hits the streaming platform on October 25. If you prefer to enjoy all the episodes, you can do so from October 25. when the full season will already be available on Hulu.

Do you need to have a Hulu subscription to watch The patient?

Since the series is an FX production for Hulu, The patient is presented exclusively on the streaming platform. In case you are not familiar with subscription plans, there are 3 options to consider. The first and least expensive is $6.99 a month with access to all titles from within Hulu. If you’re looking for an option that also includes permission to download episodes, so you can watch them on any device without a Wi-Fi connection, then you might be looking at the $12.99 monthly deal. The third plan would be the Hulu + Live TV package that allows viewers to not only access all the content on the platform, but also allows them to watch Disney + and ESPN +.

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If the concept of a therapist being controlled by a serial killer patient isn’t horrifying enough, then seeing it in the trailer for the series is something else entirely. Viewers get a first glimpse of Sam Fournier sitting down for a consultation with Alan Strauss and his mannerisms already give a glimpse of his intricate personality before his obsession with killing is revealed. While these regular meetings still take place in an office, Strauss begins to question his own sanity after dealing with the loss of his beloved wife. As the tables turn and Fournier takes control of the therapist/patient dynamic by kidnapping Strauss, the latter does his best to maintain his composure like a professional fighting for his life. Not only is the therapist seeking to keep his patient calm and unwilling to act on his serial killer tendencies, but he is also trying to navigate his personal issues internally.

According to Collider’s Nate Richard’s excellent review of the FX original, “This is so much more than your run-of-the-mill serial killer story; this is the audience sitting through a long, creepy therapy session, but it’s definitely worth it.” worth scheduling.”

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Other psychological thrillers to watch on Hulu

In case you’re wondering if there are other titles on the streaming platform that incorporate the suspenseful elements of the Steve Carell series, the following recommendations are proof enough that there’s still plenty to explore within the thriller genre on Hulu.

cruel summer: As Strauss, Kate (claire holt) is also kidnapped by someone she trusts. After rising to popularity at school and dating the typical heartthrob, Kate’s social presence is replaced by Jeanette’s (Clara Aurelie) willingness to put himself in his predecessor’s shoes. However, things start to take a strange turn when Kate accuses Jeanette of knowing she was kidnapped all along. In case she’s looking to see a “who did who” narrative, then this anthology series might be exactly what she’s looking for. cruel summer It has also been renewed for season 2 with a completely different story, so you might as well watch season 1 before the new one arrives.

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killing eve: If Fournier were a woman, perhaps she would have a lot in common with jodie eatIt’s Villanelle. In this series, Villanelle is a Russian assassin on the loose. Although she wears different disguises each time she kills a new victim, her trail is already on the radar of British intelligence researcher Eve Polastri (sandra oh). As Villanelle and Eve engage in a cat-and-mouse scenario, they develop a mutual obsession that could interfere with the investigation. killing eveThe final season of premiered earlier this year and the show is nominated for an Emmy Award, so make sure you start bingeing before the awards show.

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The Plainville Girl: The patient it might not be an investigative series, but simply imagine the consequences Fournier would face after killing and kidnapping people. In The Plainville Girla true crime biographical series, Michelle Carter (elle fanning) is charged with involuntary manslaughter in the suicide death of her boyfriend. A few days before the incident, Michelle told her friends that Conrad was missing when in fact she was still in contact with him through text messages. As her online conversations become the subject of evidence in the investigation, more viewers are noticing the overwhelming impact of texting in the race to identify who is guilty or innocent. I like it The patientthis Hulu original is a miniseries worth watching.

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