What to expect from Disney Dreamlight Valley at Disney and Marvel Games Showcase

Over the past two decades, Disney has spent a lot of its time and an absurd amount of money seemingly trying to acquire just about every major entertainment property out there, from Marvel to Fox to Star Wars. Although the slew of acquisitions seemed a bit jarring at first, the general public, for the most part, has grown accustomed to seeing the Disney name linked with other big-name brands, and the upcoming Disney and Marvel Games Showcase is one example. perfect of this. In a little over a week, a bunch of Star Wars, Marvel and Disney games will be showcased together, and one of the most interesting titles seems to be Disney Valley of Dreamlight.


Announced just a few months ago, Disney Valley of Dreamlight is a game developed by Gameloft that seems to be heavily inspired by life simulators like animal crossing Y stardew valley. Based on the valley of dream light From the trailers released so far, it looks like players will be able to customize their own avatar and venture into a Disney-inspired fantasy world, replete with references to iconic Disney series. The general loop of the game will see players talk to Disney character NPCs, complete some fetch quests, plant some crops, make some food, and unlock new decorations for their house and the surrounding area. Though Disney Valley of Dreamlight is entering early access on September 6, it is still scheduled to appear at Disney and Marvel Games Showcase on September 9.

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What to expect from Disney Dreamlight Valley at The Showcase

With Disney Valley of Dreamlight technically released in early access a few days before the Disney and Marvel Games Showcase, it’s unclear what Gameloft might announce about the game. It seems quite likely that a final launch trailer will air during the showcase, highlighting the high level of customization and immense nostalgia for valley of dream light in case it hasn’t managed to grab the attention of all Disney fans.

The most likely announcement that could come from Disney Valley of Dreamlight during the showcase is a future roadmap for the game. As is often the case with big-name early access titles like this, a roadmap detailing the next year of free updates tends to appear alongside the game entering early access. Hereinafter, Disney Valley of Dreamlight It hasn’t announced any form of DLC roadmap, which makes its presence at the Disney and Marvel Games Showcase quite likely.

Weather Disney Valley of Dreamlight seems to have a lot of content for fans to dive into on day one, you may risk players dropping out pretty quickly if everything can be unlocked in just a day or two. But on the other hand, yes valley of dream light is full of microtransactions, which some fans are highly skeptical about, so it could turn players away before they’ve even gotten through the door.

A good balance between the two is to make sure that valley of dream light is constantly updated with new and valuable content. Some of the content that could be included in a possible Disney Valley of Dreamlight The update could include new avatar customization items, furniture, iconic Disney character NPCs, and more quests to go along with its introduction. There is a lot of potential in Disney Valley of Dreamlightand hopefully Gameloft can cement that during the Disney and Marvel Games Showcase.

Disney Valley of Dreamlight is scheduled for early access on September 9 and will be available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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