What time will Once Upon a Time in Londongrad air on Peacock? Release date, plot and more about the true crime documentary

Peacock’s new true crime documentary, Once upon a time in LondongradIt is expected to be released on the platform on Tuesday, November 15, 2022, a 3:01 a.m. Eastern Time. The six-part docuseries centers on an investigative journalist named Heidi Blake, who receives a tip about the death of influential real estate developer Scot Young, leading her to uncover shocking truths about Russian oligarchs.

In addition to the death of Scot Young, the series, directed by acclaimed filmmaker Jed Rothstein, will look in detail at various deaths in the UK and their mysterious connections to Russia.

Once upon a time in Londongrad in Peacock: trailer, plot, what to expect and more details

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The trailer for the upcoming documentary offers a glimpse into the investigation into Scot Young’s death, and how it led the reporter to several other shocking revelations involving the UK and Russian government. The trailer briefly shows how the investigators managed to connect the dots using various unseen pieces of evidence.

The 1 minute 32 second trailer is quite gripping and maintains a tense tone that fans of true crime documentaries would love. Overall, the trailer establishes the crux of the matter, but ensures that it doesn’t reveal too many key details that could spoil the viewing experience for fans. Here’s the official synopsis for the docuseries, according to Rise Films:

”Investigative reporter Heidi Blake receives a tip on the death of a billionaire real estate mogul, leading her to uncover a web of death entangling Russian oligarchs, 10 Downing Street and Washington, DC Set in the two decades of Vladimir Putin in power, ELEVEN ONCE UPON A TIME IN LONDONGRA shows how the UK became dependent on Russian money and missed opportunities to contain the Kremlin.”

Based on the trailer and synopsis, viewers can look forward to a gripping crime drama that uncovers many disturbing truths about the Russian oligarchs as it delves deeper into the connections between fourteen deaths and the Russian government.

More details on Scot Young’s death

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Due to his widely publicized divorce from his ex-wife, Michelle, Scot Young was a prominent property developer many years ago. The couple was married for 11 years, from 1995 to 2006.

Young was jailed for six months after his ex-wife allegedly convinced the court that the businessman failed to provide adequate information about his finances and wealth. Scot Young reportedly later began dating a TV host named Noelle Reno.

On December 8, 2014, Young jumped to his death from his ex-girlfriend’s London flat. The real estate developer reportedly had bipolar disorder and problems with alcohol and drugs at the time. BuzzFeed reported sometime in 2017 that his death had connections to the Russian government.

In the next documentary Once upon a time in Londongradviewers can look forward to a clearer picture of Scot Young’s death and his mysterious ties to the Russian state.

You can watch the new Peacock documentary, Once upon a time in Londongradon the streaming platform on Tuesday, November 15, 2022.

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