What Patrick J. Adams has been up to since Suits

A common thing in movies and television is that actors play a character so well that they become known for it. This is especially true if the actor was not well known before, and most of his fans knew him when he played this role. Some extreme examples include Daniel Radcliff, who played Harry Potter in eight movies and from his teens to adulthood. However, cases like this are rare. That’s more common on TV, as a series can run for multiple seasons and usually focuses on one or a few characters. The series Suits is a great example of that.

Suits It’s a TV show about Mike (Patrick J Adams) and Harvey (Gabriel Macht). They form an unlikely partnership when Mike proves to Harvey that he’s one of the best lawyers he’s ever known, even if he didn’t go to law school. Harvey, a lawyer from a powerful firm, believes in him and they decide to work together. A friendship beyond work is forged, and this hilarious movie-going duo makes audiences fall in love with each other throughout the seasons.


However, Adams left the show before it ended, leaving many to speculate as to why he did so. Also, what she played after such an iconic role skyrocketed her career. Here’s a bit more about why she made that decision, her subsequent and future projects.

Patrick J. Adams left before the Suits final

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If a TV series that isn’t a miniseries is successful, it can stay on the air for years. Some shows, like Grey’s AnatomyIt has been on the air for almost 20 years, and while that is an unusual case, there are several series that have lasted almost a decade. That includes the fast-paced lawyer drama Suits. However, there is a downside to a project that has gone on for so many years, which sometimes results in key parts, such as the cast, leaving the show before it officially ends for multiple different reasons, including career choices and personal. Patrick J. Adams was one of those actors.

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Adams was one of the two leads on the show who really conveyed the intense storylines with their chemistry. However, with his character’s journey, the actor reached a point where he didn’t know what else he could do. Mike was arrested and released from prison, one of the central points of tension in his arc. The actor explained to The Hollywood Reporter, “I had a voice in my head that said we’ve told his story and if he stays longer, Mike will be another lawyer on TV.”

So, the actor decided to go with his co-star, Meghan Markle. Another reason was that Adams had spent a lot of time away from his wife, actress Troian Bellisario, during filming. The show continued for two more seasons before ending. Adams reprized the role in the second half of the final season.

Patrick J. Adams’ career since the suits

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After an actor leaves a well-known role, it’s impossible for fans not to wonder what they’ll do next. Right after Adams left Suitsparticipated in a program called The right thing. The series addresses a subject that he is passionate about: astronauts. He plays the real life astronaut of the 20th century and Senator John Glenn. The actor spoke to ET about the series and his passion.

“My fascination with the space program and these guys and this world began with this story and how Tom Wolfe told it, (…) Being able, at this stage in my life and career, to be invited to come in and be a part of to reintroduce it to a new generation, to a new group of people who may have forgotten who these people were or never even met in the first place. It’s a great honor and a great responsibility.”

And that wasn’t the last TV show he did after playing Mike Ross. The actor worked in two series: Plan B and his own league. In Plan B, Adams plays a time-traveling manipulator who will do anything to save their relationship. In his own league, he plays a cheerful husband who soon returns from fighting in World War II. In 2020 she starred in a very different genre: dramatic/romance musical. plays Simon in the jar of oaths, which tells the story of a music teacher Carrey (Adelaide Clemens) and her husband, Simon, and how they all fall apart over a seemingly innocent birthday present.

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Adams also worked on the narration on the animated miniseries. pandemic, which is, as the name suggests, inspired by the pandemic. His last project was outside of visual media, which still relates to storytelling and acting. It was a podcast called America 2.0, where he played Seth McGuire, a first-term congressman.

Future projects

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Adams has worked on a few projects since his breakout role and already has more on the line. Currently, on her IMDB page, two projects are listed as upcoming. A feature film called he went that way It is said to be released this year. The movie has a very broad synopsis, so there isn’t much information about the character that Adam will play. Jeffrey Darling will direct it.

The other project is not listed as a series or movie, but is called young werther. It also has an extensive synopsis, probably an adaptation of the German book The sorrows of young Werther. The project is currently in pre-production and will be directed by José Lourenço.