What is the best app to track your favorite movies and shows?

Like most of the world, you probably watch a lot of movies and TV shows in your spare time. In an age where there’s an app for everything, it won’t surprise you to learn that there are several apps to rate movies and TV shows.

TV Time, Trakt and Serializd tend to be the most popular, but which one is the best?

TV Time, Trakt and Serializd Explained

TV Time, Trakt, and Serializd are tracking apps that you can use to record, rate, and review the entertainment you’ve been watching. All applications have databases that are kept up to date with the latest programs; seldom you won’t be able to find something you’ve seen.

If you’ve used platforms like Letterboxd before, you already know how these apps work. And the best part is that you can use most of the best Letterboxd tips and tricks to get the most out of any of these apps as well.

Even if you don’t want to be active with registering, rating, reviewing or creating lists, you can simply use the apps watchlist feature to keep track of which episode you have left to watch. You can even use any of these apps solely to keep track of upcoming shows.

TV Time is by far the most popular of these three apps, with far more downloads on the App Store and Google Play Store than Trakt and Serializd. However, this is not necessarily an indication that it is the best app on offer.

TV Time covers movies and shows, allowing you to log in to your profile. You can rate up to five stars, reply with emojis to represent how the movie or show made you feel, select the platform you watched, leave comments, and pick a favorite cast member.

As for the shows, you can tap on a specific show where you can leave a review about it. You can also find the individual episodes of the show and leave comments on each one, rating them individually and adding them to your Watch List.

TV Time incorporates social elements by allowing you to search for users through the Discover tab. Your profile can be equipped in many ways. You can pin your favorite movies and shows to your profile, change your display name and profile picture, and create lists like “Top 10 Movies of All Time.” TV Time displays your watch/following lists which can be made public or private.

TV Time could focus more on the social element and encourage users to create more engaging content than one-liner comments.

While TV Time is unlikely to kill features, certain tricks like reacting with an emoji, choosing the platform you watched it on, and the lack of effort to differentiate between reviews and comments makes the app feel a bit limited in kind. of user. serve.

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Trakt – elegant and concise to its own detriment

Trakt goes to great lengths to make the design as elegant and responsive as possible. With a bottom menu of three options, you may misjudge that the app is limited in the features it offers. In fact, you can keep track of the movies/shows you watch, leave comments, rate ten stars, and create rated or unrated lists.

While Trakt has some unique features, like adding multiple plays to a movie or show, it falls short of other features that TV Time and Serializd have. On TV Time and Serializd, you have dedicated places on your profile where the app shows you how much time you’ve spent watching. In Trakt, you should go to your History page with the text that appears in small print next to the date.

Trakt is hands down the most responsive app of the bunch and has a pretty slick user design. Unfortunately, it fails to establish a sense of character compared to TV Time and Serializd. Trakt will serve you well if you plan on tracking movies/shows. However, if you want something more, you will be better off with TV Time or Serializd.

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Serializd: The Underdog That Shouldn’t Be

Serializd is the least popular of the three apps, but it really shouldn’t be. While it would be fair to think of Serializd as a clone of Letterboxd for TV shows, the format is tried and tested.

Unlike TV Time and Trakt, Serializd does not include movies, but instead focuses on shows. You might think this means that Serializd offers fewer features, but it really just means that you can have a presence in both Serializd and Letterboxd. Also, many people tend to mainly watch shows or movies anyway.

Serializd encourages more social features, with a dedicated landing page that sends notifications of people who respond to or like your comments, reviews, and lists. There’s a Following tab for the latest updates about the users you follow, like reviews they’ve written, who they’ve followed, and more.

The Lists feature has a little more of a dedicated page on Serializd than on TV Time and Trakt. Also, your profile can be embellished a bit more with a lot more emphasis on how many episodes you’ve watched, how long you’ve watched in total, and what your favorite shows are.

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Verdict: Serializd is the best platform for program tracking

Serializd may restrict its tracking and review capabilities to just shows, but it packs a lot more character than TV Time and Trakt.

Serializd drives more content creation and socializing features. Despite copying Letterboxd’s user layout style, Serializd manages to expand with features to set it apart.

If you’re the kind of person who thinks cataloging apps are a better kind of social network, you’ll appreciate the features offered with Serializd.

Too many social media platforms try to be a catch-all, resulting in content that is boring, repetitive, and self-centered. Instead, why not share your thoughts on the movies and shows you watch and make a friend or two along the way?

You need to choose the app you prefer from TV Time, Trakt or Serializd and continue from there. There are plenty of tracking apps out there, and not just for TV. You can even keep track of books or video games you play on platforms similar to the three covered here.

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