What is the best 5G network in Chile?

What is the best 5G network in Chile?

Chilean mobile operator Entel leads the latest metrics on the 5G experience in Chile, with download speeds exceeding 192 Mbps and upload speeds of 25.7 Mbps.

Although Entel made early progress on the new technology, the exception is 5G Video Experience, which Movistar wins outright, according to OpenSignal’s latest mobile experience study.

Most operators in Chile achieved national 5G coverage this year, after six months of intense work to roll out their networks, although at the time of the study’s publication Claro had not yet launched a commercial 5G service.

Regulator Subtel reported that Entel had 212,888 lines with 5G connectivity at the end of March, while WOM had 115,330. Meanwhile, Movistar claimed to have more than 300,000 customers using its recently rolled out 5G network.

In addition to leading the way in the 5G experience, Entel also replaced WOM as the most consistent operator in Chile.

The Chilean operator was named the best in seven categories (5G gaming experience, 5G voice application experience, 5G download speed, 5G upload speed, consistent excellent quality, and consistent core quality). He also received three joint honors in video, gaming and overall experience.

WOM, for its part, is the leader in 5G coverage, standing out both in scope and 5G availability.

During its 2Q22 results presentation, WOM noted that its 5G network now covers 15 million people in the country.

“While our 5G users saw their best experience on other carriers’ 5G networks, WOM users spent the most time connected to 5G and were able to find it in most locations,” Opensignal stated in its study.


5G offers a significantly better online experience than 4G as “users saw vast improvements in their experience when connected to 5G (5G Experience) compared to their experience across all generations of mobile technology (Overall Experience)”, Opensignal said.

These improvements were notable in download speeds, with 5G download speed scores from WOM, Movistar and Entel being between 7.5 and 11 times faster than the download speed experience.

Overall video experience scores for all mobile technologies ranged from 36.2 points to 40 points out of 100. Looking at the same experience across 5G, networks scored between 73.8 and 75.5 points.

In gaming, WOM, Movistar, Entel and Claro were named joint winners in overall gaming experience.

As said before, Entel won in 5G gaming experience with 73.7 points out of 100, WOM remained in second place with 62.1 points and Movistar got 61.3 points.

WOM has the fastest overall mobile experience in Chile at 19.5 Mbps, followed by Entel at 17.5 Mbps. This is a change from the last report where Claro, Entel and WOM were joint winners.

WOM also wins the overall upload speed experience award with a score of 8.8 Mbps.

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