What happened the day Lori Ann Slesinski disappeared?

CBS’ 48 hours is set to review and investigate the chilling case of Lori Ann Slesinski in her latest episode, coming exclusively to CBS this Saturday, September 24, 2022 at 10/9c.

the title of the next 48 hours the episode is a man with a past And according to the official synopsis of the episode:

A young woman disappears. The main suspect has a criminal past: he murdered his parents when he was a child. Did she kill again? 48 Hour Correspondent Peter Van Sant reports Saturday.”

The heartbreaking story of 24-year-old Lori Ann Slesinski dates back to 2006. On June 10, 2006, she reportedly disappeared. In August 2018, an Alabama man named Derrill Ennis was arrested in the kidnapping and murder of Lori Slesinski.

Audiences have been waiting to hear all about what happened to Lori Ann Slesinski, ever since CBS released the official sneak peek video for the upcoming 48 hours episode Inclined, A man with a past.

Let’s dive in to find out what happened to Lori Ann Slesinski before the 48 hours The episode arrives on CBS.

Learn all about the disappearance of Lori Ann Slesinski, before the latest episode of 48 hours on CBS

Who was Lori Ann Slesinski and what happened to her?

A still from Lori Ann (Image via CBS News)
A still from Lori Ann (Image via CBS News)

Lori Ann Slesinski’s amazing story dates back to June 2006. She resided at home in Auburn, Alabama with her dog Peanut. Her mother was Arlene Slesinski, a nurse by profession. Her father was Casey Slesinski and her brother Paul Slesinski.

She graduated from Auburn University in 2004. Along with her best friend Lindsay Braun, Lori used to work at a local mental health center. She reportedly wanted to pursue higher education and earn a master’s degree in psychology. Without a doubt, Lori had a promising future ahead of her.

Unfortunately, everything changed on June 10, 2006. That day, 24-year-old Lori disappeared and was never found again.

A still of Lori Ann with her parents (Image via 48 Hours/YouTube)
A still of Lori Ann with her parents (Image via 48 Hours/YouTube)

As reported by Lindsay Braun, she and Lori had plans for a girls’ night out on the day of her disappearance. Lori was supposed to go to Lindsay’s house after buying some drink mixes at a local Walmart store. However, she did not make it to Braun’s house that night.

Lori was last seen shopping for some items at the Walmart store.

In his interview with CBS’ 48 hoursLindsay Braun said:

“We were going to have drinks at my house, we were going to have Rum Runners, I think, and watch a movie and hang out, do girl time. He called me around 6:30 and said, I’m going to stop by the store, pick up the mixed drinks, and then I’ll come to your house… And then the phone rang like 30 minutes later. It rang once or twice. I answered, no. one was there.”

A still from Derrill Ennis (Image via CBS News)
A still from Derrill Ennis (Image via CBS News)

He also revealed that he had heard Derrill Ennis’s voice in the background when he spoke to Lori on a call, indicating that Ennis was with Lori the day she disappeared. Ennis was Lori’s friend and so Lindsay didn’t suspect anything wrong.

She further said in the interview:

“They were friends, so I wasn’t worried.”

However, after more than a decade, in 2016, Ennis was charged with Lori Ann’s murder and arrested for the heinous crime.

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Don’t forget to watch the next new episode of CBS. 48 hoursdebuting this Saturday, September 24, 2022 on CBS.

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