What happened between Sonny and Huck at the end of the Netflix comedy?

Personal timeThe highly anticipated and electrifying buddy comedy film finally hit the popular streaming platform Netflix this Friday, August 26, 2022. The exciting and hilarious comedy film stars Kevin Hart in the lead role of Sonny Fisher and Mark Wahlberg. as protagonist. character, Huck Dembo.

John Hamburg has served as writer and director for the film. He has also acted as a producer, alongside Bryan Smiley and Kevin Hart. Kris Kachikis has done a brilliant job as cinematographer for the new Netflix movie.

The official synopsis of Personal timeposted by Netflix, says:

“When a stay-at-home dad finds himself with some ‘me time’ for the first time in years while his wife and kids are away, he reunites with his ex-best friend for a wild weekend that nearly changes his life.” life”.

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Since its arrival on Netflix, the film has received a lot of positive responses from audiences and critics alike for its refreshing character roles, hilarious storylines, gripping performances, and a riveting ending.

So, without further delay, let’s dive in and find out how the end of Netflix’s buddy sitcom turned out.

The end of the Netflix buddy comedy Personal time explained

What happened at the talent show?

From the beginning of the movie, viewers can see Sonny mention a talent show at his son’s school, and it’s pretty apparent that the show means a lot to him. He has worked very hard to make it a success. In trying to make it perfect, he has focused on himself and not the kids, having a good time.

Sonny almost forced his son to play the piano as the final act of the talent show. However, his son doesn’t like to play the piano, but he is interested in stand-up comedy. But his interest is ignored by his father, who blindly believes that his son will also be a good musician like him.

A still from Me Time (Image via Netflix/YouTube)
A still from Me Time (Image via Netflix/YouTube)

When the last day of the talent show arrives, the audience sees Sonny’s son take the stage to play the piano. However, he fails to play it properly, leading to a very unhealthy argument between him and Sonny on stage. The plot is somewhat of a revelation to Sonny, who comes to his senses and realizes his guilt.

Sonny then apologizes to his son for pressuring him to play the piano, eventually allowing him to play whatever he wants on stage. He then lets all the kids, even the ones he turned down during the audition, perform in the talent show, making the show a real hit.

What happened between Sonny and his best friend Huck?

A still from Me Time (Image via Netflix/YouTube)
A still from Me Time (Image via Netflix/YouTube)

After things got a bit out of hand at Huck’s 44th birthday party at Sonny’s house, the friendship between Sonny and his best friend Huck seemed to hang in the balance. Sonny’s actions in helping Huck pay Stan Berman a large amount of money almost ruined his married life.

However, at the end of the movie, Sonny manages. When Sonny sees that Huck has returned all of his money and is going elsewhere, he rushes to his rescue. When he finally gets to the ship where Huck was supposed to be, he finds Huck working for Stan in exchange for money.

In the end, Sonny helps his best friend Huck out of the situation by offering him money and coming up with a new business partnership idea. It turns out that Huck is good at throwing parties, and Sonny is great at entertaining the kids, and together they open a business hosting kids’ parties.

Thus, their friendship survives and thrives at the end of Personal time.

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