What happened between Sonny and his wife Maya on the Netflix buddy sitcom?

Personal time, the long-awaited and entertaining comedy film, made its debut on Friday, August 26, 2022, exclusively on Netflix. In the film, Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg play the main characters, Sonny Fisher and Huck Dembo, respectively.

John Hamburg has acted as director and writer of the new Netflix comedy film. Hamburg is also the film’s producer alongside Kevin Hart and Bryan Smiley. Kris Kachikis has served as the film’s cinematographer, while Jeff Cardoni has composed the music for the film.

According to the official Netflix synopsis for the Netflix comedy film:

“When a stay-at-home dad finds some time to himself for the first time in years while his wife and kids are away, he reunites with his former best friend for a wild weekend that nearly changes his life.” “.

Since the movie premiered on the popular streaming platform Netflix, it has already created a lot of positive feedback among critics and audience alike for its exciting story, refreshing and unique character roles, and brilliant performances by the members. main cast.

Let’s jump straight into some of the highlights of the new comedy film.

Some Big Takeaways From Netflix’s Latest Buddy Comedy Movie Personal time

Where did Sonny end up while having his “me time”?

A still from Me Time (Image via Netflix/YouTube)
A still from Me Time (Image via Netflix/YouTube)

The movie Personal time takes the audience on the exciting journey of the perfect stay-at-home dad, Sonny, who has some golden opportunities for “me time.” He tries to hang out with other parents at his son’s school, but that doesn’t work.

After that, he tries golfing, barbecuing and clubbing, but none of it suits him and he ends up coming home quite disappointed. He also misses his wife and children, who are traveling with his in-laws. So, he finally decides to accept the 44th birthday invitation from his old best friend, Huck.

A still from Me Time (Image via Netflix/YouTube)
A still from Me Time (Image via Netflix/YouTube)

Upon meeting Huck, she ends up in the middle of a desert with a group of strangers in their 20s. Huck had planned a couple of primitive days for everyone. However, it didn’t go well for them, especially Sonny. First he is attacked by a mountain lion, then he fights his wife over the phone.

Lastly, Stan Berman’s assistant nearly broke his finger. Stan goes after Huck because he owes him a lot of money. Later, Sonny decides to bring the party to his own house while his family is away from him, and also decides to pay off Huck’s debt with the family’s savings, leading to a big problem between him and his wife. of the.

What happened between Maya and Sonny?

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While out in the desert with Huck, Sonny finds out how Armando took his wife and kids on a trip to see the island. It makes him quite jealous of Armando, and he decides to get revenge on him by going to her house with Huck and destroying it, however, in a subtle way.

After trashing Armando’s house on their way out, they accidentally injure his pet turtle, which is recorded on the CCTV camera. When Armando finds out and informs his wife about it, Maya flies into a rage, creating a big problem between Sonny and Maya.

Later, when Maya learns that Sonny is paying Huck’s debt out of family savings, she leaves with her children. Sonny tries to convince Maya to come home, but it doesn’t work.

At the end, at the talent show, Sonny gives an inspiring speech after having an emotional argument with his son on stage. After the speech, Maya realized that Sonny had understood her mistake and they reconciled.

Don’t forget to catch Personal timewhich is currently streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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