What games were missing from PlayStation Showcase?

We live in an age of instant gratification. Where we want to see what we want to see right now, and it’s always bad when we don’t see it. For gamers, this is something we are faced with whenever a major publisher holds an “event” highlighting upcoming titles for the next year or so. We want to know when we’ll be playing the next best games and their release dates so we can prepare for them. Unfortunately, the latest PlayStation Showcase was released a few days ago, and it wasn’t what fans expected in many ways.

For example, while PlayStation Showcase had a lot of games from a certain point of view, they weren’t showcased in a fan-friendly way. Many of the trailers were just teaser or cinematic trailers. For example, there was a heist game that seemed unique, but you couldn’t tell how it was played. Then there was another title that showed gameplay but was a rip off of a certain beloved Nintendo franchise. Something that fans pointed out and noted was hard to get excited about.

But even if you discount the lack of gameplay, Sony had hyped this showcase, and yet when it was all said and done, many high-profile games and developers weren’t at the presentation. So much so that someone decided to compile a list of all the games that weren’t present at the show, and it was an amazing list, to say the least:

Looking at the list of missing titles, you can see why fans are so disappointed. These aren’t “just a few missing games.” These titles have been on fans’ radar for years and haven’t received a significant update since their introduction.

He Final Fantasy VII Rebirth The game is a prime example of that. The first part of the remake was a masterpiece and fans want the sequel. Granted, they also want it to be of the same quality as the first game, but even a little sneak peek of what’s to come, or a possible updated release window, would have been great.

as for KOTOR, fans are beginning to wonder if that game will be released based on radio silence and “no comment” from the developer.

Insomniac is the only studio to get a pass because it showed one of its Marvel titles, but didn’t show Wolverine’s, so there’s still some sadness there.

Only time will tell if we see these games in the next showcase.