What does Florida law say about ‘turn right, keep right’?

Orlando, Florida. – News 6 Trooper traffic safety expert Steve Montiero answers viewers’ questions about the rules of the road each week, helping Central Floridians become better drivers by receiving a better education.

Trooper Steve was asked Thursday: “Is it still law when turning to stay in the leftmost or rightmost lane?”

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This is an issue that is the cause of many crashes and, in many cases, frustration among drivers, Trooper Steve said.

“When you travel, you are supposed to stay in your lane of travel,” he said. “The same would apply to a turning lane as you complete the move.”

Drivers often make wide turns, leading to incorrect maneuvering.

“When a driver is in the far right turn lane and attempts to turn and ends up in the far left travel lane of their new direction, it is an incorrect right turn,” Officer Steve said.

Florida law provides that the driver of a vehicle intending to make a right turn at an intersection onto a freeway, public or private highway, or driveway must approach both to make a right turn and to make a right turn. the right as close as possible to the right curb or edge of the road.

For left turns, Florida law states that the driver and vehicle intending to turn left at an intersection onto a freeway, public or private highway, or driveway must approach the intersection. in the far left lane legally available for traffic, moving in the direction of travel. of said vehicle and must turn left to leave the intersection in a lane legally available for traffic moving in that direction when entering the highway.


“The wording of Florida law can be quite confusing, but when it comes to the verbiage of this statute, it’s pretty clear,” Trooper Steve said. “Even when drivers turn left, we often see them turn left and cut as they make their move, it would be wrong to move into another lane.”

This is noticeable to many drivers when there are multiple turning lanes.

“If you had two right-turn lanes and a driver in the leftmost right-turn lane was unable to maintain their lane while making a right turn, a crash would occur,” he said. “The same would happen if a driver was in the right-turn lane.”

Maintaining your lane, especially during a direction change, is extremely important and is required by law.

Florida Statute 316.151 outlines all the requirements drivers must meet when making a turn.

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