Western District of Washington | Prolific mail thief who allegedly stole postal vehicles and postal keys arrested on federal charges

Seattle – The suspect in a series of mail vehicle and mail key thefts was arrested today on a federal complaint charging him with mail theft and possession of stolen mail, US Attorney Nick Brown announced. Johny Mixayboua, 27, is charged with a series of mail theft incidents involving stolen postal vehicles, stolen postal keys, mail theft and associated crimes including identity theft. Mixayboua will appear in US District Court in Seattle at 2:00 today.

According to the criminal complaint, on December 28, 2022, a US Postal Service vehicle was stolen from the 6300 block of South Bangor Street in Seattle. In the vehicle was a postal key that is used to access the group mailbox units in the 98178 zip code. The key allows the postal worker to open the back of the group box to deliver mail to multiple households. Since the theft of the vehicle and zip key, there have been numerous reports of group boxes in the 98178 zip code being opened and mail stolen.

Working with neighbours, the Postal Inspection Service was able to obtain door camera footage showing the person accessing post office boxes. Neighbors reported stolen credit cards and attempts to use them. Inspectors were able to review footage of when the credit card attempts occurred and ultimately identified Mixayboua as the person who stole the mail and attempted to use the stolen credit cards.

Additionally, local police determined that vehicles used in several mail theft incidents were reported stolen.

On January 17, 2023, two more Postal Service vehicles were stolen. One in the 3000 block of Beach Drive SW and the second in the 3600 block of 57he SOUTHWEST. Both are in the 98116 zip code. Using footage from the block doorbell camera

where one of the vehicles was recovered, investigators allegedly saw Mixayboua removing mail and packages from the stolen postal vehicle and placing them in another vehicle. Once again, police traced credit cards stolen from the post office and obtained surveillance footage that appears to show Mixayboua attempting to make purchases with the credit cards.

On January 30, 2023, a fourth mail vehicle was stolen, this time from the 2000 block of S. Columbian Way in Seattle. On March 28, 2023 a fifth mail vehicle was stolen from the 5700 block of S. 129he Ave. One of the people associated with the robbery matches a description of Mixayboua.

In late January and February, incidents of mail theft continued, this time in the Snoqualmie, Washington area. The group’s boxes were opened with a fake or genuine postal key. Once again, credit cards were stolen, and one was linked to images of Mixayboua shopping at Target.

Throughout April, the mail thefts continued as far north as Lake Forest Park and as far south as southeast Seattle.

The postal service halted deliveries in the 98118 ZIP code for about a week while investigators worked to track down and arrest Mixayboua.

The US Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) has worked diligently to apprehend Mixayboua and his accomplices.

Prosecuting the case is Assistant US Attorney Elyne Vaught.