Ways to Get Rid of iPhone Black Screen Spinning Wheel

Apple device users experience the iPhone spinning wheel on a regular basis. However, not everyone knows how to fix this problem. Actually, most of them get stuck while updating your iPhone software or performing a restore.

If you’re here because you’re wondering how to fix iPhone stuck black screen spinning wheel but still working after iOS 16 updatethe article will explore how to fix this issue once and for all.

Let us begin.

Fix iPhone black screen of death but still working after iOS 16 update with D-Back iOS recovery tool

iMyFone D-Back for iOS is one of the best iPhone data recovery software for this age. Why say that? The app allows you to recover lost iPhone data in various ways. It also allows you to fix multiple iOS issues, including devices stuck on a black screen, frozen screen, bricked iOS devices, and more.

This is how you can start.

Start by launching the iMyFone D-Back on your computer. From the main window, click the “Repair iOS System” button. Then use a USB cable to connect your device to this program and then choose your preferred mode.

These are the three modes that iMyFone D-back iPhone data recovery offers depending on your situation.

1 Use Standard mode to fix iOS issues without data loss

Step 1: Connect the device to a computer

Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable and hit the Next button.

iMyFone D-Back will proceed to step 2 when it detects the device or ask you to put it into DFU mode or recovery mode first.

Step 2 – Download the new firmware for your device

Please download the corresponding firmware once you are in DFU or recovery mode. D-Back will automatically detect your device and allow you to download the latest version of iOS by clicking “Download”.

Step 3: Fix the system using the downloaded and verified firmware

Click “Start Repair” when you finish downloading the firmware to check the firmware, and the program will automatically start to repair iOS after that. But you need to repeat step 1 if the device is not in DFU/recovery mode.

Please confirm if the device can boot at the end of the repair process (which takes 10 minutes) and if it cannot repeat the process one more time. If the second test fails, try to fix the iOS problem using advanced mode.

2 One click to enter/exit recovery mode

First, connect your device from the main window and select Enter/Exit Recovery Mode.

Enter recovery mode

Step 1: Once the device is connected, click the Next button.

Step 2 – Put your device into recovery mode by clicking Enter recovery mode.

Exit recovery mode

Step 1 – Plug in the device and click the Next button to continue.

Step 2: Remove the device from recovery mode by clicking Exit Recovery Mode. It will take a few seconds for the app to come out of recovery mode and the device will boot up successfully. Repeat the process when the device does not reboot or use standard mode to exit recovery mode.

3 Use advanced mode to reinstall your iOS completely

As mentioned above, you can use Advanced Mode to fix iOS issues when Standard Mode fails. To do so, go to the main window, click on Advanced Mode and follow the same process for Standard Mode. The only challenge with this option is that it completely reinstalls iOS, which can lead to data loss.

Step 1: Connect the device to the computer.

Step 2 – Download the new firmware for your device

Step 3: Repair the system with the downloaded and verified firmware.

Why your iPhone got stuck on black screen spinning wheel but still on after updating iOS 16

Many iPhone users have had their devices stuck in a spinning wheel when restarting it, updating to a new version of iOS, restoring factory settings, and more. The spinning wheel usually means that iOS is working, for example trying to recover from a crash or an iOS update, including setting changes.

Unfortunately, the iPhone may not boot into iOS properly after that and you may experience a post-crash issue that you cannot fix on your own. On the other hand, it could be a hardware issue such as a dead battery or worn components that you can fix with service.

In most cases, an iPhone stuck on a black screen spinning wheel can be fixed with iMyFone D-Back and other solutions.

Other Ways to Get Rid of iPhone Black Screen Spinning Wheel of Death But Still Works After iOS 16 Update

Some simple ways to fix an iPhone stuck on a spinning wheel include:

  • Force restart your iPhone to help start the entire boot process.
  • Restore your iPhone from an old backup, especially the one you made recently. This prevents too much data loss.
  • Restore iPhone through recovery mode. This option can fix various iPhone issues but it also erases all the data stored on your device.
  • Recharge your iPhone.

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