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A free, full Movie of the Day is posted every weekday on the JoBlo Movies YouTube channel, but on Fridays things get a little weirder and funnier. Start your weekend off the right way by enjoying scary friday nights! Every Friday, we’ll take a look at another genre film that you can watch in its entirety, free of charge, either on the YouTube channel linked above or in the video embedded here.

The horror movie we’re watching this week is from director Josh Stifter The Greywood Plot. Presented in black and white, this is a 2022 release that looks, and for much of its runtime, feels like the kind of indie movie we would have gotten in the late ’90s or early 2000s, right after. of the success of films like clerks Y The Blair Witch Project. Fortunately, it doesn’t try to replicate the found footage style of The Blair Witch Project, but it’s about a couple of guys who go on an unfortunate journey into the woods. In it, mysterious images have led them to believe that this land is inhabited by a dog-like cryptid. Chupacabra!

It takes a long time for the horror to kick in, and during that time we just hang out with these two guys as they exchange comedic dialogue. So it’s easy to see why clerks writer/director Kevin Smith receives a special thanks in the closing credits. (The creators of The Blair Witch Projectinstead, they are not recognized). Once the characters venture into horror territory, you may begin to suspect that clerks isn’t the only reason Stifter nodded at Smith. There’s something more Smith-esque here. Something reminiscent of one of his most divisive films.

The black-and-white imagery also allows Stifter to emulate the look of classic horror movies on occasion, which is a fun and welcome stylistic flourish.

The plot of Greywood Friday Fright Nights

directed stifter The Greywood Plot from a script he wrote with Daniel Degnan. The story they produced has the following synopsis:

After finding a tape of what appears to be a monster, two friends travel into the woods to find out if the video was a hoax.

Stifter and Degnan also star in the film alongside Kim Fagan, Samantha Kirchoff, Aaron McKenna, Keith Radichel, Max Stifter and Nathan Strauss.

It took me a while to warm up The Greywood Plot, the movie didn’t appeal to me right away, but once things got weird and horrible in the second half, I started to enjoy the ride a lot more. When it was over, I was curious to see Stifter and Degnan’s previous horror comedy, the 2018 film. the good exorcist. Another of Stifter’s directing credits is the 2016 animated short The Christmas Story: Spark Bible Adventures.

so take a look The Greywood Plot – after all, it’s free! See if you like what Stifter and Degnan did with this movie and if you can check out the Kevin Smith tributes. Then share your thoughts on the movie by leaving a comment below or above it on YouTube.

The plot of Greywood Friday Fright Nights

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