Washington explosion: sonic boom caused by fighter jets hurtling towards a crashed private plane

A huge sonic boom heard in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia today was caused when an F-16 jet was scrambled. The FAA confirmed that another plane crashed in a mountainous region in southwestern Virginia earlier today.

The sound of a large explosion was heard around Washington DC as the US military responded to a small plane that violated nearby airspace.

The F-16 was scrambled from Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, the home of Air Force One.

Residents in nearby Maryland and Virginia reported hearing a large explosion, which caused panic, but was caused by an F-16 “supersonic authorized to respond,” according to reports.

The rebel plane, a Cessna Citation private jet, crashed in a mountainous region near Staunton, Virginia.

The city of Annapolis Office of Emergency Management said an authorized Department of Defense flight caused the sound, which was heard just after 8 p.m. local time and was recorded as a “seismic event.”

The authority said: “The loud bang heard in the DMV area was caused by an authorized DOD flight.

“This flight caused a sonic boom.”