Warner Bros. Discovery and Rocksteady Studios Announce All-New Games Academy in the UK

Today, Warner Bros. Discovery and Rocksteady Studios have teamed up to launch an inaugural Games Academy in the UK. This program focuses on giving eager and underrepresented game creators an insight into the games industry and offering formal training to emerging development talent.

If you need a reminder of Rocksteady Studios’ efforts, check out this trailer for 2011’s Batman: Arkham City.

The program is launched in partnership with the NextGen Skills Academy, which is ‘a leader in providing skills-based vocational training for the creative industries’. Its goal is to help participants build their confidence and equip them with up-to-date technical skills that will help them in their gaming careers. Ergo: It will help make the UK a destination for video game development talent.

The program itself will run for 12 weeks and will provide a hybrid training model that teaches participants about art, audio, QA testing, and game design. Up to 20 selected participants will be able to participate in workshops led by industry professionals, build skills using software (such as Jira and Wwise), and use engines such as Unreal. Those who participate will receive feedback and guidance on their work directly from the team at Rocksteady, the developer behind the Batman: Arkham Trilogy and the next Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League – also!

Applications for Warner Bros. Discovery Access x Rocksteady Studios Games Academy are open today, and are open to everyone in the UK over the age of 18. The course itself is free and financial assistance, including scholarships for travel or childcare, will also be available to successful applicants. The program has a particular focus on educating those who have not been able to access traditional pathways in the industry, such as degree courses or internships.

the the deadline for applications is September 23and successful candidates will be notified in mid-October.

So what do those directly behind the show have to say about it? Studio Head and Rocksteady Studios Co-Founder Jamie Walker said: “Today’s budding game creators are the future of the games industry and we’ve been looking for a long time to find an impactful way to help bring in new talent. and underrepresented in the market”. games industry There were limited training opportunities when I started, so I’m passionate about finding a way to level the playing field for people starting out in the industry. This program provides training along with a support network to give future talent in this industry a head start on their careers.”

Meanwhile, Warner Bros. Discovery’s director of diversity, equity and inclusion, Asif Sadiq, said: “The British games industry is the largest in Europe and we want to ensure we are supporting its sustainable growth while ensuring that it is an inclusive industry. and a fair place for people to work. This show is the first on Warner Bros. Discovery focused solely on our games business, a reflection of our commitment to building and nurturing relationships with underrepresented talent and opening access to the industry.”

Overall, the Warner Bros. Discovery Access x Rocksteady Studios Games Academy seems like a great opportunity for anyone who wants to work in the games industry and hasn’t already received formal training or support. It’s certainly something I wish I had when I finished school!

For more information about the show, whether it’s about the application process or the assessments, you can check out the Warner Bros. Discovery Access x Rocksteady Studios Games Academy website.

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