Vision Pro Headphones, MacBook Air, How to Order

Apple’s Vision Pro headset topped a list of new product announcements at the company’s WWDC 2023 event.

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On Monday, Apple announced the launch of its first mixed reality headset and several other new products at WWDC 2023, the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference.

Along with the new Vision Pro headset, Apple introduced a new 15-inch MacBook Air laptop, a new M2 Ultra processor for the updated models of its Mac Studio and Mac Pro desktops, and a host of software and system updates. operational.

Here we’ve rounded up everything we know about the new products Apple launched at the event, including launch dates, starting prices, and ordering information, as applicable.

Apple Vision Pro headphones

Apple’s Vision Pro headset can dynamically run various apps in mixed reality “environments.”

Starting at $3,499 and scheduled to launch early next year, Apple’s highly anticipated Apple Vision Pro headset will allow users to immerse themselves in dynamic AR and VR “environments” using Apple’s new visionOS operating system. The headset is powered by a combination of Apple’s M2 chip and a new R1 chip.

With Vision Pro, users can use AR and VR to dynamically open and adjust and use a wide range of applications such as FaceTime, web browsers, immersive video streaming, gaming, and health and meditation features. The headset will include a brand new App Store specifically for visionOS with programs optimized for use with the headset.

Using simple eye, hand and voice controls, Vision Pro users can scroll, switch between applications, make selections and even record 3D photos and videos. Apple’s new EyeSight feature allows Vision Pro users to see those around them and shows the user’s eyes through the headset’s glass lens, alerting others when the user is recording or using an app.

The Vision Pro also integrates with other Apple products, like the Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad, so you can use it at work. If you simply look at your Mac screen while using Vision Pro, for example, you can transfer your Mac windows to your environment.

Vision Pro works seamlessly with Apple products and applications in a virtual environment.

The Vision Pro headset features 23 million pixels across two lenses for an ultra-HD display. It offers 2 hours of battery life when fully charged and comes with a battery attached for additional charging.

Apple said it will continue to develop the visionOS operating system and expand its library of apps in the coming months ahead of the projected launch for the Vision Pro headset early next year.

A new 15-inch MacBook Air

The new MacBook Air with a 15.3-inch screen.

The new 15.3-inch MacBook Air marks a 1.7-inch increase in size over previous MacBook Air models, which until now were only available in a 13.6-inch size.

At just 11.5 millimeters thin and weighing about 3 pounds, it retains the Air’s signature slim profile with a larger screen, six speakers, up to 24GB of memory, and, yes, a headphone jack. It also has a 1080p camera and an 18-hour battery life with Apple’s M2 processor.

Screen resolution and processing power will remain the same as the previous 13.6-inch Air model, which means screen clarity will likely be slightly less than the previous model due to the larger screen size. screen.

Specifications of the new 15-inch MacBook Air.

The new MacBook Air comes in four colors, including Midnight Blue, and is available to order now on Apple’s site. The 15-inch Air starts at $1,299, $200 more than the 13-inch model, which now starts at $1,099.

Starting at $1,299, the new 15.3-inch model of the MacBook Air boasts 18 hours of battery life on Apple’s M2 chip.

New Mac Studio and Mac Pro models with a new M2 Ultra chip

Apple’s new Mac Studio and Mac Pro computers.

Apple also announced new editions of its desktop computers, Mac Studio and Mac Pro.

Both desktop models feature Apple’s new M2 Ultra chip, which Apple claims doubles the performance of its previous top-of-the-line processor, the M2 Max, and allocates both models up to 192GB of unified memory. A new version of Mac Studio with the M2 Max chip is also available.

Specifications for the new Mac Studio with the M2 Max chip or the new M2 Ultra.
Specifications for the new Mac Pro with the new M2 Ultra processor.

The new Mac Studio starts at $1,999 while the new Mac Pro starts at $6,999. Both models are available to order now from Apple and will ship next week.

Starting at $1,999 with the M2 Max chip, the new Mac Studio desktop is also available with Apple’s new M2 Ultra chip for a starting price of $3,999.

The new Mac Pro desktop features Apple’s new M2 Ultra chip. It starts at $6,999 for the upright “tower” configuration and $7,499 for the horizontal “rack” model.