Videos will download in seconds, 5G will be launched in the country on October 1st! Know all the details

New Delhi: If you’re waiting for 5G, then there’s good news for you. 5G services (5G services) in the country will start from October 1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch 5G services (5G services) at the India Mobile Congress on October 1. According to media reports, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch 5G services at the India Mobile Congress, Asia’s largest technology exhibition in India. India Mobile Congress will be organized at the Pragati Maidan in Delhi. India Mobile Congress is considered the largest telecom, media and technology forum in Asia. It is jointly organized by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) and the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI). 5G speed will be 10 times faster than 4G. In this, even the largest video will be downloaded in a few seconds. Its speed can be measured by the fact that while it takes six minutes to download a movie on the 4G network, it will be done in 20 seconds on the 5G network.

These benefits will be from 5G
So far people are using 4G in the country. Now after the advent of 5G (5G services), people will start to get the facility of high speed internet. This will not only save people time, but many new age applications can also be used easily. With the help of 5G, the customer experience will be better than ever and now it will take negligible time from transaction to file download or upload. Through the fifth generation telecommunications services, that is, 5G (5G services), high-quality long videos or movies can be downloaded to mobile devices and other devices in a few seconds. It will support approximately one lakh of communication devices in one square kilometer.

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10 times faster than 4G
It is believed that after the arrival of 5G, the world of mobile telephony will change completely. 5G speed is 10 times faster than 4G. Automation will increase after the arrival of 5G. The things that until now were limited to the big cities will reach all the villages. The Internet of Things and industrial and robotic IoT technology will get new wings. This will benefit the country’s economy and electronic government will expand. This can revolutionize sectors such as business, education, health and agriculture. In the 4G network, where the average Internet speed is 45 Mbps, but in the 5G network it will increase to 1000 Mbps.

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