Verde appoints directors for 14 state departments

Governor-elect Josh Green announced Thursday the nominees to serve as directors or deputy directors of 14 state departments in his cabinet.

“I am assembling a cabinet that will drive the state of Hawaii forward and commit to a strong sense of service to the people of Hawaii,” Green said in a statement. “This is a high caliber group of people with strengths in their respective fields. They come together as Hawaiian leaders with the urgency to make change and meet our challenges head on.”

Many of Green’s selections are subject to approval by the state Senate.

Appointments to director of state departments:

— Anne Lopez, Attorney General of the Attorney General’s Department;

— Luis Salaveria, director of the Budget and Finance Department;

— Maj. Gen. Kenneth Hara, Adjutant General, Department of Defense;

— Ed Sniffen, director of the Department of Transportation;

— Brenna Hashimoto, Director of the Human Resources Development Department;

— Keith Regan, Comptroller of the Department of Accounting and General Services;

— Chris Sadayasu, director of the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism;

— Nadine Ando, ​​director of the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs;

— Jade Butay, director of the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations;

— Kenneth Fink, director of the Department of Health;

— Cathy Betts, director of the Department of Human Services;

— Jordan Lowe, Director of the Law Enforcement Department;

— Tommy Johnson, director of the Department of Public Safety;

— Gary Suganuma, Director of the Tax Department.

Appointments for Deputy Heads of State Departments:

— Kathy Ho, Deputy Director of Environmental Health Administration, Department of Health;

— Sabrina Nasir, Deputy Director of the Department of Budget and Finance;

— Dane Wicker, deputy director of the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism;

—Brig. Gen. Stephen F. Logan, Department of Defense Assistant Adjutant General;

— Marian Tsuji, Assistant Director of Behavioral Health, Department of Health;

— Joseph Campos II, Deputy Director of the Department of Human Services.

With these announcements, each state department will have an executive on Monday, December 5, the day Green was inaugurated.

The chairs of the Departments of Agriculture, Land and Natural Resources, and Hawaiian Home Lands have terms that end on December 31. Appointments for those departments will be coming soon.

“This is an incredible group of executives that I am proud to have on my team,” Green said. “Together they have tremendous in-depth knowledge of the state and are committed to the leadership values ​​of compassion and collaboration. As we prepare for the grand opening, it fills me with strength to know that we are ready to move the state forward in a productive direction to make housing affordable and address the out-of-control cost of living.”


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