Variety Intelligence Platform Expands With Daily Newsletter And More Special Reports

A new daily newsletter was launched on Monday as part of an expansion of the Variety Intelligence Platform (VIP+), a digital subscription level of the Variety website dedicated to thought leadership on the business of media.

The new offer, dubbed VIP+ Vitals, represents a lower-cost option to access a portion of the existing VIP+ product, now known as VIP+ Premium.

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Every weekday morning, VIP+ Vitals subscribers will receive a newsletter in their inboxes with practical information and insights for media industry professionals. Each day’s edition will focus on a different theme that recurs every week:

  • Monday: “Media and Money”: The financial side of media, complete with analysis of media and technology stocks, mergers and acquisitions, debt, consumer spending, advertising, and more

  • Tuesday: “Dare to Stream” – delving into the business of streaming video and audio, from Netflix to Spotify, as well as associated sectors like CTV and podcasts

  • Wednesday: “Film & TV” – The emphasis is on traditional showbiz mainstays and related trends, including box office, exhibition, cable cut, sports and peak television.

  • Thursday: “Media Innovation”: The emerging trends changing the business of media, including artificial intelligence, Web3, the creator economy, and virtual reality.

  • Friday: “Free Friday for All” – A wide range of topics is in constant rotation, including video games, music, live entertainment, theme parks, regulation, and digital publishing.

The existing VIP+ Premium service will be expanded to offer both the new newsletter and a growing library of special reports at no additional cost to new or existing subscribers (all VIP+ pricing can be viewed here). Additionally, each new VIP+ Premium special report is now available to purchase on demand, as well as an increasing number of previous reports. VIP+ has also begun doubling the production of special reports that are part of the VIP+ Premium package, from 12 to 24 per year.

“VIP+’s core mission remains the same since we launched in April 2020: to help industry professionals do business by complementing their Variety news experience with deep dives into the industry topics that matter most,” he said. Andrew Wallenstein, VIP+ President and Chief Media Analyst. “We now offer more analysis and chart-packed products than ever before, at additional prices.”

Each day’s coverage will be led by a different VIP+ analyst, including new hire Audrey Schomer, who joins VIP+ after working at Barclays, eMarketer and Business Insider Intelligence to lead the “Media Innovation” newsletter, among other responsibilities. The VIP+ team is comprised of six experienced analysts who operate as a separate team from Variety’s newsroom, although the two divisions often collaborate to share insights and information.

VIP+ Vitals, which can be tried at, will be available for purchase on an annual or monthly basis at a discount of more than 50% of the VIP+ Premium offer. The first newsletter, published on June 5, can be viewed here.

At a time of profound disruption for the media business, VIP+ delivers forward-thinking thought leadership on a wide range of topics in provocative and timely commentary, interactive webinars, and data-driven white papers and presentations. Recent coverage has focused on the impact of the writers’ strike, the rise of generative AI, and the streaming video industry’s turn toward advertising.

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