US Marine’s Military Memoirs Stolen From Inland Empire Storage Unit – NBC Los Angeles

He served our country for eight years and now, just months after leaving the US Navy, all of his military memorabilia is stolen during a robbery.

To make matters worse, it happened on Memorial Day.

The robbery occurred at a storage business where five units were attacked, including one belonging to a military family.

“Very grateful for what he’s been through. There have been difficult days and nights that he’s been through, so I’m very proud of him,” said Megan, whose family was robbed.

Megan is talking about her husband Austin, a sergeant who just got out of the Navy in December after proudly serving our country for eight years.

But now all the priceless mementos of your honorable years of service are gone.

“Just everything, her uniforms, her navy bags, her medals, her ribbons that she’s earned over time for her achievements, awards that she’s received for the hard work and dedication she’s put in,” Megan said. “It breaks my heart. Honestly. Sometimes I want to cry about it, but I want to be strong for him.”

It was stolen on Memorial Day from a storage facility in Moreno Valley.

This is where Megan and her husband kept most of their possessions until they were ready to move out of state with their two young children.

“What else was stolen from there? My TV, laptop, my Apple Watch, my clothes, shoes, it looks like they took some baby items as well,” Megan said.

Megan says that four other units were also stolen that same night.

The manager showed him videos of the two vehicles involved in the thefts, one is a light colored pickup and the other is a dark colored Dodge Durango with custom running board lights that are bluish purple.

Megan believes that whoever did this knew the codes to get past the gates and security gates before breaking the locks on the units.

“We each get a personal code to get into the inside units, so we think someone actually rents a unit here that allows these people in,” Megan said.

Although Megan and her husband lost many personal items, including important photographs and collections from their childhood, all she really wants are mementos from her days in the Navy.

“That’s eight years of hard work, dedication, sweat, tears and blood that the man put into service,” Megan said. “It’s only been eight years, ripped off.”

Megan hopes the thieves will see this story and return her husband’s military equipment.