Upcoming Movies and TV Shows Featuring the Cast of Zombies 3

zombies 3 premiered on Disney+ on July 15, and an extended version with a new song recently premiered on Disney Channel. The main cast returned for this third installment and the stakes are as high as ever.

join the likes of Decendents Y high school musicalthe zombies movies turned out to be another one of Disney Channel’s musical trilogies. It may be a children’s franchise, but with the trilogy coming to an end, much of the cast is moving on to darker, more mature projects.


8 Rogue Moon – Kingston Foster

In production, release date unknown

Kingston Foster plays Zoey Necrodopolis in zombies 3. Zoey is Zed’s little sister who has always been there for him. Since the first film, she has grown into a young independent zombie.

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rogue moonit is about a harmonious colony on the outskirts of the galaxy that is under threat from an incoming tyrannical colony. A woman is sent to other planets to find allies and warriors to help her cause. Kingston is set to play Edda. Zack Snyder is directing this sci-fi adventure, and big stars like Anthony Hopkins and Jena Malone have roles (according to Deadline). Kingston started acting at age 6, and as Zoey has grown, so has Kingston. It’s exciting to see what kind of role she has in rogue moonand what he has up his sleeve below.

7 School Spirits – Milo Manheim

In production, release date unknown

Milo Manheim plays Zed in the zombies franchise. He catches Addison’s eye in the first movie, and in zombies 3is working towards a college scholarship.

Milo will play Wally in school spiritsan upcoming drama series airing on Paramount+ (according to Deadline). She stars alongside Peyton List in jessie Y cobra kai. The show will follow a group of teenagers stuck in limbo at their school as they investigate how they got there. Milo only has 9 legitimate acting credits, but he’s been living on stage most of his life, visiting his famous mother’s stages and performing in about 15 musicals when he was a kid. He is now making inroads into television and film, and it will be interesting to see how he does in a more dramatic role.

6 Graduation Pact – Milo Manheim

unknown release date

As zombies 3, Milo has been busy, with various projects coming out soon. the zombies franchise sees Zed take high school, and graduation pact doesn’t deviate much from that.

Milo plays Ben in this romantic comedy. Ben is the love interest of Mandy Coleman, the main character played by Disney Channel alum Peyton Elizabeth Lee. Mandy is a feminist who doesn’t believe in love, but she soon finds herself on the path to proving her wrong when she falls in love with Ben. Milo has acting in his blood and it’s fun to watch him release his energy in his performances. He has a mysterious charm that is evident in Zombies and will inevitably serve him well in graduation pact.

5 ZOMBIES: The Series Reanimated – The Cast of Zombies 3

Expected 2023

According to IMDb, only Meg Donnelly, Milo Manheim, Kylee Russell, and Chandler Kinney are confirmed for this series. This is the only upcoming Chandler project that has been announced. In zombies 3She plays Willa, the leader of her werewolf pack and protector of the moonstone.

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Not much is known about the premise of this show yet, but it will launch on Disney+ in 2023 (according to Disney Plus Informer). zombies The franchise has produced animated shows before, but from the sound of the title, it sounds like the show’s animation may be unique from others. If the series continues after the events of zombies 3, viewers will likely meet more monsters and mythical creatures as they arrive in Seabrook. Then again, there are several other possible scenarios that the show could focus on, and any one of them could be a hit.

4 Oracle – Ariel Martin

Expected 2022

Ariel Martin plays Wynter in the second and third zombies films. Wynter is a werewolf with a lot of energy. He cares about his pack and loves his friends. Ariel’s role in Oracle is unknown, but since he is listed third in the credit order, it can be assumed that he will play a significant role in the film.

Oracle is about a young woman forced to confront her childhood trauma when she is hired to work on a property that has connections to her past (according to Movie Insider). This synopsis sounds similar to file 81an original series that premiered in early 2022. Unfortunately, the Netflix show was canceled after just one season, but if Oracle is something like file 81it will draw viewers in and keep them guessing.

3 Women Talking – Sheila McCarthy

Expected December 2, 2022

Sheila McCarthy plays Addison’s grandmother and the alien who crash-landed on Earth several decades before the events of the film. She is a small but prominent role in the grand scheme of the film.

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women talking is based on a book by Miriam Toews about the true story of a group of Mennonite women who discover that they have all been sexually assaulted by the men in town (according to Screen Rant) McCarthy’s role is unknown at this time, but he will act alongside big stars like Rooney Mara, Ben Whishaw, Claire Foy and Frances McDormand. McCarthy has more than 140 acting credits to her name. She has been in various dramas and, at the turn of the century, she took on some biographical projects. There is no doubt that she will bring her immense talent to this upcoming film.

two The Winchesters – Meg Donnelly

Available October 11, 2022

Meg Donnelly plays Addison in all three films. She has always been the glue that holds the town together. In zombies 3she welcomes the aliens with open arms and soon discovers that she is an alien.

Meg Donnelly plays a young Mary Campbell in the Winchestersan upcoming CW show inspired by Supernatural, a long-running fantasy series that follows two brothers as they travel and battle supernatural beings. This spin-off will focus on Sam and Dean’s parents, John and Mary Winchester, when they were young (according to Deadline). Supernatural has had spin-offs before, but none have surpassed its backdoor pilot. Some fans doubt the Winchesters because of the immense probability of continuity errors it will produce, but zombies fans may be excited to see Meg take on such a serious role.

1 High School Musical: The Series – Matt Cornett and Meg Donnelly

Wednesday of new episodes

Matt Cornett does his zombies debut in zombies 3 as A-Lan, one of the aliens coming to Earth. He becomes obsessed with the competition and poses as a threat to Zed’s chances of getting an athletic scholarship.

the high school musical show is an original Disney+ spinoff of the original trilogy, but with a twist. Follow the students of the school that was used as the setting for the iconic Disney movies. Matt Cornett plays EJ, a self-absorbed student actor. Season 3 is currently airing and takes place at a summer camp. EJ has developed a lot as a character, and Meg Donnelly guest-stars as Val for four episodes. anyone who loves zombies 3 You are likely to love this show as they both incorporate comedy, music, and dance.

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