UP Board Class 12 Biology Model Paper 2023: Download Full PDF

UP Board Class 12 Biology Model Paper 2023: Download the full PDF of the UP Board Class 12 Biology Model Paper for the 2022-23 Academic Year from this article.

UP Board Class 12 Biology Model Paper 2023: Class 12 Biology paper model for Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad students appearing for their board exams in 2022-23 session is available on the official website of the board.

As of now, the model documents for subjects of all streams, such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, History, Civic Education, etc., have been published. Model documents for language courses like Hindi, English and Sanskrit are also available. Model documents for other topics are also expected to come out gradually.

The complete UP Board class 12 Biology paper model can be downloaded from the link available in this article.

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Instructions accompanying the Biology paper model:


  1. All questions are required.
  2. Illustrate your answers with labeled diagrams where necessary.
  3. The marks assigned to each question are mentioned next to it.

UP Board Class 12 Biology Paper Model 2023

1- Choose the correct option and write in your answer book:

a) Which of the following parts represents the male sexual organ of the flower?

  1. Stamen
  2. Pistil
  3. megasporangium
  4. Pollination

b) In Human, sex of the baby determined by

  1. mother’s sex chromosome
  2. Ovule size
  3. sperm size
  4. father’s sex chromosome

c) Genetic engineering is used in

  1. In medicine
  2. in agriculture
  3. Both in (i) and (ii)
  4. None of those

d) Lichen, which is responsible for ecological succession, in fact shows a symbiotic relationship between

  1. algae – bacteria
  2. algae- fungus
  3. bacteria – fungi
  4. fungi- bacteria

2- Very short answer type questions

a) Write down the number of chromosomes in klinefelter and turnor syndrome.

b) By what division do male germ cells form spermatozoa?

c) What is the number of chromosomes in the parent cell of the pollen grain?

d) Write the name of the enzyme that breaks DNA into small segments.

e) What are plants called due to the fixation of carbon dioxide?

3- Short answer type questions-

a) Define the determination of sex in birds.

b) Draw a well labeled diagram of the double helix model of DNA proposed by Watson and Crick.

c) What is immunity?

d) An orchid plant is growing on the branch of a mango tree. How would you describe the interaction between these two?

e) Draw a clean line diagram of the biological response.

Short answer-II questions

4 – a) Write three differences between microsporangia and megasporangia.

b) In our society, when girls are born, only women are blamed. Define why it is not correct.

c) Define Mendol’s Law of dominance with the help of the monohybrid cross.

d) What feature of the DNA helix helped Watson and Crick propose a semi-conservative hypothesis of DNA replication? define it.

5 – a) Draw a clean, labeled diagram of the life cycle of the malaria parasite.

b) How do biological studies help us to control infectious diseases?

c) How do organic fertilizers help to increase soil fertility?

d) What are baculoviruses?

6 – a) Write brief notes about the following

  1. PCR
  2. restriction endonuclease enzyme

b) What is the use of genetic engineering in the field of agriculture?

c) What do you understand by transgenic animal? Give some example.

d) Differentiate between the following

  1. hibernation and astivation
  2. Ectothermic and Endothermic

Long answer type question-

7 – Describe the human male reproductive system with the help of a labeled diagram. Where are sperm stored in the system?


Define microsporogenesis in flowering plants with the help of the labeled diagram.

8- What is the genetic code? Define the main characteristics of the genetic code.


What is Mendol’s Law of Segregation? Define it with the help of the chessboard.

Why is it called the Gamete Purity Law?

9 – What is adaptation? Explain with the help of examples.


What are the main reasons for racial damage (species degradation) in any geographic area?

Download UP Board Class 12 Biology Model Paper 2023 to see the full paper model.

The Biology work has a total of 100 points, where 70 points are evaluated through a written theoretical exam, while 30 are evaluated through a practical exam. The minimum mark to pass the written theoretical work is 23 and for the practical evaluation it is 10. Therefore, the minimum mark to pass overall is a total of 33.

UP Board students commonly pursue biology to continue in the field of science such as medicine, biotechnology, etc.

The UPMSP Class 12 Biology curriculum aims to build the foundations of students and train them to study the subject at the university level.

Check UP Board Class 12 Biology Curriculum 2022-23 to make sure you don’t miss any topics.

Stay tuned for more information related to the UP Board Class of 12 2022-23 exams.

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