‘Unwanted guest’ pulled a knife on a neighbor, Florida police say. Then came the chase

A Central Florida man caused chaos on the roads of Deltona during a high-speed chase.

According to a Facebook post from the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to a Deltona home around 1:45 p.m. Thursday after witnesses reported seeing Christopher Sosa, 34, break a window. and cut the screen door, trying to enter.

Sosa was an “unwelcome guest” at the home and had been asked by the landlords to leave because he had not paid rent or contributed financially for the past three weeks, according to agents.

As Sosa fiddled with the screen door, a neighbor came out and Sosa reportedly “pulled a knife at him and threatened to kill him,” according to the sheriff’s office.

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Sosa left in his car when authorities got there, but saw him a short time later and tried to stop him. That’s when Sosa took off, zipping through the city of Deltona at “great speed.”

As he sped toward the Pine Ridge High School parking area, Sosa slammed into the bumper of an officer’s cruiser, according to the sheriff’s office.

The suspect then drove off once more, taking to the streets for a short time before his car was damaged by “stop sticks”, police tools that are placed on the road to puncture tires.

Sosa continued to drive the disabled car, but eventually abandoned it on the side of the road and ran into the woods.

He was later seen near the Volusia-Seminole county line running through brush around 4 p.m. Body camera footage shows a K9 officer searching for the suspect on foot. A deputy in a patrol managed to stop Sosa.

“Get on the ground! Get on the ground!” a deputy yells at the shirtless man. “Put your hands behind your back! Don’t move and you’ll be fine!”

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“God bless them,” Sosa says. “I have a knife in my right pocket.”

“By the way, you are under arrest,” the deputy replies.

Sosa was charged with burglary of an occupied dwelling, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, fleeing or attempting to elude law enforcement, two counts of criminal mischief, resisting an officer without violence, and armed trespassing on school property.

Sosa remains in custody at the Volusia County Jail on $45,500 bond. The owners of the house where she was staying were granted a restraining order.