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House of the Dragon review The heirs of the dragon

hbo‘s House of the Dragon: Season 1, Episode 1: Heirs of the Dragon TV Show Review. the heirs of the dragon is the competent episode that the television version of the A song of fire and ice universe that I needed so badly after the last two seasons of game of Thrones. house of the dragon is a different animal game of Thrones. The viewer can feel that right away, which in this case, works to their advantage. house of the dragon it’s familiar but not familiar, with subtle nods to its ancestor here and there, for example the cat’s paw dagger, but with enough Listerine to remove the bad taste in the viewer’s mouth of what they witnessed in its predecessor’s ending .

The murder of the queen


In a way, Queen Aemma Arryn (Sian Brooke) seals his fate when he mentions King Viserys I Targaryen (considine rice) that this will be her last pregnancy. That he can’t bear to bury another child. With the possible death of his unborn child, King Viserys I’s legacy, and his bloodline in jeopardy, the unthinkable becomes rational for King Viserys during the heirs of the dragon. At the critical moment, Queen Aemma changes from being his wife, companion and friend to collateral damage on the path to a male heir.

The terrible moment in question is horrifying, but it shows the real, male mentality towards women during that time period, i.e. women are second class citizens, i.e. less than. A means to an end. Disposal. Not as useful or sought after as men.

When Grand Master Mellos (David Horovitch) considers cutting Aemma and the king realizes that she, the woman who loves and needs him, who seeks protection from him, who is his first cousin, is about to suffer the worst agony of her life, a movement that will kill her, and that he is the cause for family interest, King Viserys becomes Tywin Lannister: “The house that puts the family first will always defeat the house that puts the whims and desires of its sons and daughters” . first. A good man does everything in his power to improve the position of his family, regardless of his own selfish desires.”

The tournament

the tournament in the heirs of the dragonat first a show of skill, it becomes a stage for revenge, then an impromptu battlefield paralleling the birth of the would-be heir to the Iron Throne.

The tournament is minimally entertaining due to the lack of connection with any characters on screen (it’s the first episode): if the viewer knew the characters, they would have something at stake, they would have something or someone to support during the tournament.

A positive highlight of the tournament includes Prince Daemon Targaryen (matt smith) was about to be knocked off his horse and slip over a railing.

The other machinations during the tournament raise certain questions: a.) Why isn’t Prince Daemon disqualified from the tournament when he attacks Otto Hightower’s son’s horse during the joust, and b.) if paralyzing the horse is a permitted move in a given moment. jousting, why isn’t that maneuver used by others in jousting?

It’s moments like this that take the viewer out of the episode, forcing them to scratch their heads. Another puzzle, why do the jousters start killing each other? A tournament is supposed to be a friendly competition, an opportunity to show and improve a combatant’s martial skills. How is it feasible, not forbidden or allowed to kill in this circumstance? Why are the people in the stands happy, even cheering, while their children are being killed right in front of them?

In a society built around male heirs, it’s inexplicable: let’s kill our male heirs for no reason when obviously, if you look at the King’s situation, male heirs are rare in some families.

Because of this event (and the society in which it occurs), this is the strangest and most confusing joust/tournament the viewer has ever seen on a television series. It’s weird and pointless.

seed of temptation

High Tower of Ser Otto (Rhys Ifans) sending young Lady Alicent Hightower (emily carey) comforting and consoling the king in his grief seems casual, but when he asks her to wear one of his late mother’s dresses, the visit takes on a subtle tone: one of seduction (or the planting of a path to seduction). It doesn’t have the seductive touch that Margaery Tyrell’s visit to Tommen Baratheon’s bedroom had in season 4 of game of Thrones but it does have the beginnings of a kinship through grief between the King and Alicent.


That, manipulated by a strategist who knows the minds, wants and desires of those involved, could have implications down the road.

Daemon wants to be Hand

Daemon Targaryen’s desire to be Hand of the King is comical when one simply looks at his conduct during the heirs of the dragon. For all his prowess with sword, horse, spear, shield, armor, and dragon, Daemon’s psychological shortcomings completely overshadow the limited positive aspects of him.

If King Viserys is weak, as Daemon advertises, by taking deliberate actions that show his strength to others, Daemon is weak by thinking prior to taking deliberate action.

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