Tuya Smart launches its latest solutions that will support Matter for global customers

NEW YORK, August 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — “Is there a way to use one app to control all the smart devices in my home? I don’t want to have one brand or download different apps to control multiple devices.” Until now, this has been the common situation for many smart home users, who constantly struggle with the inability to interconnect devices from different brands and ecosystems, through different protocols.

Tuya Smart (hereinafter Tuya) (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX: 2391), a global provider of IoT development platform services, has extended its commitment to promoting universal open standards that enable IoT products to connect and interact in a safe way.

And this is where Matter comes in. Matter is a communication and application layer connection protocol of the Connectivity Standards Alliance (the Alliance), endorsed by more than 280 companies, including Google, Amazon, Apple, and other early participants like Tuya.

Matter’s goal is to solve the problem of fragmentation in the smart home industry by building a unified “language” to eliminate compatibility issues between different product ecosystems. Therefore, Tuya’s mission is also for users to enjoy a unified and integrated application without worrying about the interaction between different communication protocols on different devices.

In August 25ththeTuya officially launched its latest product solutions that will support Matter, enabling global customers to become part of the first group to take advantage of Matter protocols and help them seize business opportunities in the smart home industry.

The second episode of the Tuya video series, ‘What is it for’, clearly demonstrates the features and value of the solutions created for the Tuya subject. ‘What’s it for’ is a popular column created by Tuya this year, helping to make relatively complex technology concepts and knowledge easy to understand for those who don’t share extensive technology experience.

These are the main requests for manufacturers with respect to Affair devices:

Request I: To take advantage of business opportunities faster. The biggest concern for manufacturers is that the development and certification timeframe is too long. The Tuya solutions that will support Matter solve this problem by providing a rapid process for product development and certification. In the future, Tuya will create an end-to-end development platform, similar to the one already available for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Zigbee, to help customers complete development of Matter devices cost-effectively.

Request II: Allow more categories to connect to Matter devices. Until now, the Matter protocol cannot support all categories of smart devices. Allowing more categories of devices to connect to Matter will allow manufacturers to create full intelligent scenes and automations to better help users make decisions.

Tuya will not only provide customers with a Bridge Hub, but also other hubs such as Central Control, Smart Speaker Hub and Multi-Protocol Interaction, which help customers realize automatic interconnection between Matter and non-Matter devices within the venue. the net.

Request third: A break through LAN restrictions and realize cloud-based device management. Matter is a LAN-based communication protocol, rather than cloud-based device control. To meet users’ expectations of remotely controllable scenes, by connecting Powered by Yours Application Using Tuya IoT PaaS, users can remotely control and operate smart devices from different brands such as Google, Amazon, and Apple. A smart living experience like this is sure to continually meet the expectations of users.

Request IV: Get more custom features. Tuya solutions that will support Matter not only provide basic device control functions, but also offer custom selections to help customers realize multi-function controls to attract more users.

Furthermore, based on years of marketing and application experience, Tuya also provides full-service support when customers develop Matter devices. For example, Tuya solutions can help first-time Matter device manufacturers to manage information and update OTAs without rebuilding the DCL server, by using Tuya IoT PaaS; In addition, Tuya solutions can provide customers with automatic manufacturing technology to attach a unique distribution network code to each product to avoid incorrect code markings; Additionally, Tuya, as a long-term ecosystem partner of Amazon, Google, and Apple, helps customers achieve Matter Badge certifications, as well as WWA, WWGA, and WWAH Badge certifications.

So far, Tuya has a range of product solutions that will support Matter, such as electrical, lighting, sensing, home appliances and multimedia products. Tuya will work with other Matter protocol participants to ensure the development of an ever-expanding range of Matter-compliant products.

Compared to other solutions, Tuya for Matter solutions provide global customers with a more flexible way to connect multiple smart devices and strengthen support for a globally connected smart ecosystem.

Tuya’s constant efforts to build an open and neutral global smart ecosystem, promote the implementation of the Matter protocol, and launch its latest solutions for Matter contribute to breaking down ecosystem barriers and making “all things intelligently connected” possible.

All measures taken are crucial for Tuya’s global customers, especially our Chinese partners. If their smart devices cannot fit in and align with major product ecosystems while promoting in global markets, they will be at high risk of missing out on market share capitalization opportunities. The Tuya solutions that will support Matter ensure that customers can seamlessly align with major smart home ecosystems such as Google, Amazon, Apple, etc., as well as providing overseas Chinese doing business internationally to become into market pioneers and seize cutting-edge business opportunities in the smart home. industry.

As a promoter of the Matter protocol, Tuya will reserve a space in its showroom this September at IFA Berlin, specifically to showcase Matter and to welcome global developers to experience Tuya’s solutions for Matter.

Tuya solutions for Matter will bring a variety of positive impacts to the global smart home industry and will also encourage more than 582,000 developers in more than 200 countries and regions in the Tuya ecosystem to become Matter device developers. From the first device connection to the development of the ecosystem, Tuya has always contributed to the open and shared smart home industry, and will always be committed to the credo of “connecting everything intelligently”.

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