Top 9 Nintendo Switch Parkour Games For You To Free Run

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Parkour games are so much fun because they often push the limits of things in terms of gameplay and try to deliver fast and intense experiences. You can enjoy 10 of them on Nintendo Switch right now.

#9 Human: Fall Flat

We’ll admit that Human Fall Flat is a bit out of character for a parkour game, because it’s not so much about free running as it is about running through various puzzles and obstacles to get to the next challenge. You’ll create your own character and then take part in a variety of physics-based puzzles and tests.

If this sounds difficult, it’s not meant to be, and yet you’ll find it weirdly fun when these characters go flying around in ways that defy gravity at times, all so you can try again.

Sometimes you need a unique game to have fun with, and this is one of them.

#8 Ghost Runner

If you’re looking for high-speed action to go along with your parkour ways, then Ghostrunner is the one you’ll want to try. Because in this world, well… the world is basically over, and you’re the one who’s trying to get revenge for everything that happened. You are a sword master and your goal is on the top floor of a huge tower.

Using your incredible speed and skills, you must climb the tower and make sure you don’t get hit in the process. However, with your mighty sword and skills, you should be able to pull it off…maybe.

Get your revenge and bring at least some peace to the city.

#7 Bit Trip Runner

Possibly one of the most iconic games ever made, Bit.Trip Runner is meant to be a fast-paced, side-scrolling parkour title where you’ll play as a certain runner as he runs through a variety of areas.

You will have to jump, slide, kick and more at the right time to avoid obstacles and get to the place you want to go.

But naturally, it won’t be as easy as it seems, and the “one more time” gameplay is what has made this game so iconic. In addition, there is the look and the music, which are very characteristic of the title itself.

#6 Dying Light: Platinum Edition

While it may have taken a while, Dying Light: Platinum Edition is the real zombie parkour game, and it aims to expand and improve on everything that came before it.

In the game, you will be part of a military unit sent to a city that is full of zombies. You must complete tasks and missions to assess the situation and try to handle it as best you can. But whether you follow the orders of your superiors or go and try to help people, it’s up to you.

Zombies will be there in force, and you can find weapons to find them or just try to literally run away from them. The choice is yours.

#5 Cluster Truck

We could try to fully describe ClusterTruck to you, but we really have no idea how this concept came to be, and it’s easily one of the craziest titles out there.

To loosely describe it, you will be on a highway full of trucks. Your job is to play a “the floor is lava” style and only touch the roofs of the trucks as you go from one part of the world to another. The danger though is that these are trucks on the move, and will at times be thrown, blown up, blown up and shot at, and you’ll need to be careful where you go so you don’t end up like them.

It’s crazy, but you have to try.

#4 Hover

If you’re looking to have some serious fun in your freerunning title, you’ll want to check out Hover. Why? Because just like a certain cult classic title, the game is all about fun and rebellion.

In the title, you will play as a group of rebellious teenagers on a planet where fun and entertainment are literally forbidden. Now, you need to get up and show the world that fun isn’t something that can be stopped, and trying to do so will only make it more fun to rebel.

You will be able to run, float, slide, and grind your way around the world as you go on missions to stick to the regimen. All the while looking good doing it. So why not give it a try?

#3 grumble

When it comes to Refunct, it does a unique balancing act that can’t be ignored. Because while it’s a parkour game, it’s meant to be relaxing. As you will go and try to help restore a world by jumping around it. You will be able to climb and jump off buildings, run on walls, go from one place to another to find out what happened to the world and how to save it.

The relaxing touch is that it is a game that you can really enjoy at your own pace. You won’t have to go and do things “right now” and instead can just enjoy the experience.

#2 Cyber ​​Hook

There’s a lot going on in Cyber ​​Hook, so we’ll try to break it down step by step. This is a retro-looking title that has you moving at high speeds and dodging obstacles in your way. You’ll have the titular cyber grappling hook to grab onto things in front of you, as you go and destroy enemies and blocks with your cyber gun.

You don’t want to miss a single jump here because that will mean death and starting over!

This will be a very difficult challenge for you as you will be using a variety of parkour skills to get to the next level. Do you think you are up to the task?

#1 neon white

Neon White is without a doubt one of the most unique takes on parkour in recent memory. Because in this game, the kingdom of heaven is in danger, and it is four beings from the underworld who have the task of saving it… to have the opportunity to be taken to heaven. Sounds fair, right?

You will go through the levels and you will have two different options to play. You can pick up cards that have weapon abilities and use them to take down enemies. Or, you can discard the cards to get other special abilities that will allow you to overcome them.

You can also bond with your fellow Scoundrels and see what brought them to this point in time. A fun and unique title awaits you in Neon White.


Dying Light 2: Cloud Version

The two Dying Light titles have tried to make it fun to not only do parkour, but also parkour and avoid all kinds of zombies. In Dying Light 2: Cloud Version, you will face a new setting and a new character. One who is trying to find someone as well as remember more about himself.

The place where you will be has many people willing to help… if you help them first. But who you help will affect the balance of power in the city and what happens to it.

Oh, and there are zombies again, and you’re slowly becoming one of them! So be careful how much time you spend outside, otherwise you turn into a zombie and need to be put down. As of this writing, the game is still available on the Nintendo Switch platform. However, you can enjoy Dying Light 2: Stay Human on PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

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