Top 8 New Racing Games to Try in 2022

There is a wide variety of new racing games that fans can try to test their skills and patience. Game fans with a deep love of speed and competition can find impressive and innovative racing games with futuristic graphics, but they can also find underrated creative racing games that will challenge them in surprising ways.

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These beautiful and exciting games transport their players to amazing worlds inspired by the past and the future. Fans can take down their opponents in futuristic open world racing games, but they can also find realistic, retro and even fun games that will test their racing skills and help them hone their timing and reflexes as well as their other skills. game to become the best no matter if you are racing cars, motorcycles, spaceships or hamsters.


8 F1 2022

F1 2022 is one of the most exciting new video games with very realistic graphics that will make players feel as if they are taking part in a real F1 competition. This beautiful racing simulation game will put players’ racing skills and strategic thinking to the test while allowing them to compete in some of the most impressive new cars, not just in F1 2022 but in the history of the game.

Players can try this exciting game solo or in multiplayer mode and build their teams while fully immersing themselves in the adrenaline-pumping world of F1. It is also one of the most realistic new racing games that players can experience in virtual reality to truly feel part of a real life F1 race.

7 GRID Legends

GRID Legends is one of the most exciting and immersive wheel-to-wheel racing games that takes its players all over the world. Thanks to this action-packed racing simulator, players can create their race events and test their skills in live races.

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This is a visually stunning new racing game that not only has stunning locations but also a fun story full of drama. Players can go on their journeys alone or try out the multiplayer mode. While it’s a very entertaining game, it’s also quite difficult, so casual players are best off checking out some of the helpful tips for beginners. GRID Legends to make your gaming experience more fun from the start.

6 redout 2

redout 2 is a fantastic mix of classic arcade games and futuristic designs that makes it one of the most exciting new racing games. Players will be pushed to the limit as it is the fastest racing game in which they will have to give their best if they want to win highly difficult combat racing competitions.

While it is an extremely challenging racing game, it is also an immersive, fun, and colorful simulator that can be played solo or multiplayer. As redout 2 is very difficult even for experienced players, it is best if casual players take a look at some of the most useful Redout 2 tips for beginners before starting.

5 MotoGP 22

MotoGP 22 is the most realistic and exciting new motorcycle racing game that fully immerses game fans in the exciting world of MotoGP. This racing simulator provides fans with an authentic experience and plenty of challenges that will reveal who the real champions are.

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Players can customize not only their races, but also character traits, outfits, and attractions. Players can also play in both single and multiplayer modes and even create their own teams or join one of the most iconic ones. Beginners may also find useful tips for MotoGP 22 that will help them learn some of the most important information about the game faster.

4 hamster play area

hamster play area is hands down the cutest and funniest new early access racing game players can try. This adorable free racing game challenges gamers and makes them smile. Players can customize their hamster and their houses and will need to provide them with the appropriate equipment.

Players will have to develop the skills and abilities of their hamsters through training, fierce competitions, and various challenges involving fun mazes and skateboards. It is one of the most familiar new racing games that will be an entertaining and hilarious experience for players of all ages and levels.

3 Dakar Desert Rally

Dakar Desert Rally is one of the most anticipated new racing games that will take its players on an epic offroad racing adventure. It is one of the most realistic racing games that offers an authentic Dakar Rally experience to its players. The game not only has outstanding graphics and stunning locations, but also features a day and night cycle and the four seasons.

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Players can choose from a wide variety of very attractive vehicles, including cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Thanks to the game’s unique challenges, players can test their skills during sand and snow storms and even in deep mud. Players can go on their adventures alone or with others in multiplayer mode.

two Assetto Corsa Competition

Assetto Corsa Competition is one of the most beautiful and realistic new early access racing games that will challenge its players. This brilliant racing simulation game allows players to explore the game’s stunning and atmospheric open world while experiencing an authentic GT3 championship.

Players can experience some of the best graphics, visual effects and realistic simulation in virtual reality as they compete against official drivers, iconic teams and cars. Players can choose to drive any car, including Ferraris and Lamborghinis, as they push their limits during highly difficult races in a single or multiplayer mode.

1 microwave

microwave is one of the coolest new futuristic racing games with a vibrant retro vibe inspired by the 80’s. This amazingly relaxing racing simulation game is highly addictive thanks to its stunning visuals and cool sound experience that brings an atmospheric experience to every player. his players.

It is one of the most entertaining casual racing games that is a perfect choice for both beginners and avid gamers. Players will be able to test drive 10 different supercars from the 80’s as they speed through 5 very different but equally beautiful universes and enjoy neon lights, palm trees and other surreal, colorful and cyberpunk inspired worlds.

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