Top 8 Anime Games on the Google Play Store

Anime is a wonderful medium; it can be funny or sad, full of mindless action or thought-provoking. Anime can inspire you to do your best or contemplate the meaning of existence. Some do this to the point of wanting to embody their favorite characters.

Fortunately, like the best RPGs on Android, your favorite anime characters are right at your fingertips. Just pick up your phone, open the Google Play Store and install a game. But with hundreds of games to choose from, how do you choose the best one? Do not worry; This list collects the best anime games for your phone or tablet.


1. 3D Mobile Bleach

Ichigo Kurosaki is a regular high school student. That is, until one fateful night, evil strikes and threatens the well-being of his family. Ichigo manages to fend off the evildoers with the help of Rukia Kikuchi, a powerful Soul Reaper and inherits her powers. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and the pair join forces to rid the world of evil.

Bleach Mobile 3D is a free action RPG game. It has an extensive customization system that allows you to improve your character’s statistics. Combine them with a variety of belts, hats and accessories. As Ichigo, you’ll fight your way through hordes of demonic enemies and use spectacular special moves to lay waste to towering bosses.

2. Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost

Become a detective in this video game adaptation of Bungo Stray Dogs. Tales of the Lost follows the events of the anime while adding new events, characters, and outfits. Team up with familiar characters like Nakajima Atsushi and Dazai Osamu.

Bungo Stray Dogs is a free puzzle RPG game. By clearing the colored orbs at the bottom of the screen, you provide bonuses to your characters. Specific colors increase your character’s attacks for the next turn or even directly damage or heal them. It may seem simple at first, but the game becomes more challenging each time new orbs are introduced.

3. Fate/Grand Order

It is 2017 AD Mash, a picturesque young woman, welcomes you to the Chaldea organization. Chaldea works tirelessly to ensure the future prosperity of humanity. But things go awry pretty quickly, as the demise of humanity is expected to happen in the next century.

More importantly though, Mash has gone from being a shy nerd to a gigantic shield-wielding monster-killing machine, and now you’re his master. Wow, right? With Mash by your side, you must find out what exactly threatens humanity’s existence and stop it from happening. Installing and testing Fate/Grand Order costs nothing. Better yet, it feels like a JRPG in the most classic sense of the genre. In other words, get ready for turn-based combat, lots of reading, and being called senpai.

4. My Ultra Impact Hero

In the world of My Hero Academia, 80% of people are born with superpowers. Some use their powers to do good; others become villains and cause mischief. Unfortunately for Izuku Midoriya, he falls into the remaining 20%. But one day, he meets the greatest hero of all: All Might. He encourages the young man, “You too can be a hero, young Midoriya.”

And you too can be Midoriya, dear reader. Or pretty much anyone else from the hit anime My Hero Academia. My Hero Ultra Impact is a free turn based RPG game. It features playable characters such as Katsuki Bakugo, Shoto Todoroki, and Momo Yaoyorozu. Assemble a team of your favorite heroes in this vibrant adventure and go Plus Ultra on some dastardly villains.

5. One Piece Treasure Cruise

Luffy aspires to become a pirate. But there is a problem: he is just a boy. However, he is emboldened by the promise of a great treasure. Despite his young age, Luffy takes on the bullies without hesitation. He looks up to his idol, the legendary pirate, Shanks, and hopes to become as brave and righteous as him one day.

One Piece Treasure Cruise is similar to many turn-based RPGs. Touching a character prompts them to attack. That said, if you match tap on the next character when the first one finishes their attack, you get a combo boost. This simple addition keeps you engaged in combat at all times as you journey your way to becoming the ultimate pirate. Unlike Luffy’s ambitious business venture, One Piece Treasure Cruise is free to play.

6. Pokémon EX Masters

Other than Pokémon GO, Pokémon Masters EX is probably the closest thing to a traditional Pokémon game on a mobile device. And it’s free! As usual, it allows you to create your own trainer, choose a starter Pokémon, and embark on an adventure to become the best. Along the way, you’ll meet familiar characters like Brock and Misty.

As for the gameplay, you’ll collect and evolve new Pokémon by hatching eggs, equip your trainer, and develop your team for exciting 3v3 turn-based combat. Unleash the full potential of your Pokémon by using their powers on enemies susceptible to their element. Or launch awesome special attacks for epic animated cutscenes.


7. SAO Unleash Blade

SAO Unleash Blading follows the arc of events from Alicization. Kirito and Eugeo set out into the depths of the underworld to save Alice. Exploration, turn-based combat, and brilliant anime visuals await you in the free-to-play JRPG, SAO Unleash Blading.

But don’t be fooled by the vibrant aesthetic. Although SAO Unleash Binding takes place in a virtual world, characters can be seriously injured and even die. Form a party of characters, including pillars like Asuna and Leafa, to aid your cause. Descend into various dungeons to level up your characters and link their attacks together to take down particularly tough enemies.


8. Yu-Gi-Oh! master duel

Konami could do much better when it comes to their big titles. Series like Castlevania, Silent Hill, and Metal Gear Solid have been dormant at best. However, on the mobile side of things, there’s the Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel. Master Duel revolves around card collection.

Build a powerful deck from a selection of over 10,000 cards, including the Dark Magician and the ever-amazing Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Racking them all up could set your bank balance back, but other than that, Master Duel is a free experience.

Play competitively online or enjoy a lengthy single player campaign at your own pace. There’s a reason the Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel entered the list of the best card games on Android. If you like card games like Hearthstone and Shadowverse, Master Duel might well be your thing.

Android Gaming is better with a big screen

Those are the best anime games. As you can see, they cover a variety of genres, from puzzles to RPGs to card games. They all work fine on a phone, but some would look even better on a larger screen, say a modern Android tablet. If you’re looking for something a little more relaxing, there are plenty of amazing word games for Android on the Play Store.

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