Top 5 San Andreas Mods for GTA 5 in 2023, Ranked

The story of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5 takes place in Los Santos. When Rockstar Games revealed this fact, many fans rejoiced at the prospect of revisiting the beloved virtual city. However, the setting and characters were quite different as the title takes place in a different universe. Fortunately, fans of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas can download several mods to fix this problem.

From swapping out character models to revamping the UI, the options are endless. These mods are incredibly detailed and greatly enhance the overall experience. With that being said, we will be ranking the top five San Andreas mods available for GTA 5 in 2023 in this article.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the writer.

Big Smoke Character Model And 4 More San Andreas Mods For GTA 5 In 2023, Ranked

5) San Andres Graffiti

San Andreas Graffiti mod (Image via

Graffiti is an art form that can elevate a plain wall for a picturesque view. However, they are also used by gangs to mark their territories. This also influenced some missions in GTA San Andreas in which Carl “CJ” Johnson, the protagonist, had to spray the graffiti of rival gangs.

While the San Andreas Graffiti mod doesn’t add that mechanic to the game, it does replace some of the default wall art in HD Los Santos with the ones from Rockstar’s 2004 release. This may help fans to some extent bring back the familiar aesthetic of the previous game. .

4) SA theme song loading screen music

In addition to the fun characters, captivating story, and revolutionary gameplay, San Andreas’ core soundtrack also contributed to making it an icon. It even made the game’s loading screens easier to see, which is saying something. While GTA 5’s music isn’t bad by any metric, it can’t compete with the previous game.

To fix that small complaint, players can download the SA Theme Song Loading Screen Music mod to change the music on the Grand Theft Auto 5 loading screen. This will give Grand Theft Auto San Andreas more air. The mod was first uploaded in 2018 and received updates until May 2020.

3) Big Smoke character model

Big Smoke is the antagonist of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. He is incredibly well written and is among the funniest characters in the series. Fans of the game and Big Smoke now have the chance to bring him back in Grand Theft Auto 5.

By downloading the Big Smoke mod created by TheFriedturkey, players can replace Franklin Clinton’s character model with the old one. The textures have been imported from Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, so it might not fit as well in an HD environment, but it’s still a pretty fun mod to use.

2) San Andres HUD

The HUD in Grand Theft Auto 5 is considered by many to be a vast improvement over its predecessors, as it is simple yet effective. However, it is very different from what fans of the popular action-adventure series have become accustomed to. So, those who prefer the old style can download the San Andreas HUD mod to switch things up.

This GTA 5 mod replaces the default HUD with the San Andreas UI, featuring a more traditional Grand Theft Auto aesthetic. It has been created by Zolika1351 and has more than three thousand downloads.

1) HD Carl Johnson Universe

Carl “CJ” Johnson is arguably the best main character in the GTA games. He went through betrayals and extremely harsh situations in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, but he was always there for his loved ones. When Rockstar announced that Los Santos would return in Grand Theft Auto 5, many wondered if CJ would be back as well.

While that did not occur, players can add Carl to the game by downloading the HD Universe Carl Johnson mod. Replaces Franklin with CJ’s character model, whose textures have been updated to match the HD environment. It was originally uploaded in 2016 and received several updates up to 2018 to fix certain issues.