Top 5 Photo and Document Scanner Apps for iOS and Android

Note: This is a guest post written by Jeeva Shanmugam

These days, smartphone cameras are capable of doing anything and document scanning it plays a vital role in most cases, especially for office work, you need to carry a document scanner machine with you wherever you go, and I know friends who carry a scanner with them wherever they go.

But with the help of these Top 5 Photo Document Scanner Apps for iOS and Android will help you scan documents and most other files in a fraction of a second without carrying a real scanner.

Having a scanner app it means you never have to go to your office or a business community to use a real document scanner again. It saves you a ton of time and effort.

Now let’s search the available applications

Adobe, we know that Adobe is as popular a brand for its productive software as Adobe Acrobat CC, Adobe PDF Editor, and more. And in the queue we have a document scanner app from Adobe.

adobe scan is a free tool that transforms your smartphone into a photo and document scanner. With it, Adobe joins any look and feel of Office Lens and Scannable to provide a quick and easy way to capture receipts, business cards, and more.

As it is one of the Adobe products, it is easy to use and also has multi-device support. You can download Adobe Scan for free.

Download Adobe Scan for free for iOS | Android

Microsoft Lens which is also formerly known as “office lens” is an amazing method for capturing data from documents and photos, whiteboards, business cards, receipts, menus, signs, transcribed reminders, or anything else that contains text that you need to import but don’t physically type.

Microsoft also mentioned that the update will also add the ability to re-request pages, re-modify revised PDFs, apply a gutter to all images in the file, filter up to 100 pages as images or PDFs, and easily toggle between local and cloud. . areas while saving PDFs, along with a simple method to distinguish local and cloud documents. Microsoft Lens is available for free on all platforms.

Download Microsoft Lens free for iOS | Android

camera scanner is also a popular third-party application that is widely used by millions of people to scan and upload documents. The app allows users to check a wide variety of documents and photos with a smartphone and transform them into JPG or PDF documents. This capability includes programmed placement of page borders and base cropping to prevent post-verification image distortion and increase competition.

The app is free for nothing yet a strong scanner app it is an unquestionable necessity for students and anyone who is into business and school work.

Download Camscanner for free iOS | Android

notes app

If you are looking for an application dedicated to scan documents on your iPhonewe have the Notes app to scan documents and all other paperwork for personal and office use. Like all other apps, Notes apps also scan documents.

In iOS 15, Apple introduces a scan function, which is hidden within the Notes app, and since it supports in-app sharing, you can store the recently reviewed file anywhere you like.

Download the notes app for iPhone

Last but not least, Google’s photo scanner app, PhotoScan is a google photos scanner app that allows you to generate and save your favorite printed photos using your smartphone’s camera. Excellent image and without reflections.

Unlike other applications, this application is not specifically programmed to document scanning but we can scan any type of paperwork and upload the project to drive.

Like other apps, it is free to install and use, the app is available on both Appstore and Play Store.

Download Google Photo Scanner app for iOS | Android

These are all Top 5 Photo and Document Scanner Apps for iOS and Android that I have handpicked for you. if you know any document scanner app you’re using, check it out in the comments section.

Thanks for reading and assuming you find these Top 5 Photo Document Scanner Apps for iOS and Android complacent, go ahead and share them with your friends.

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