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The current console makers, Nintendo and Sony, have abandoned the practice of releasing miniature consoles with a curated game selection in favor of classic catalogs combined with subscription services. Other companies have continued the practice. Sega’s latest entry into the retro console market is the Sega Genesis Mini 2, which will pack 60 games from the company’s ’90s heyday.

Between the previous Genesis Mini and various retro games like the newly released sonic origins, even die-hard fans can be forgiven for thinking that Sega had exhausted its back catalogue. Still, with a dozen Sega CD games, two previously unreleased games, and a refreshing lack of retreads, the Genesis Mini 2 justifies its existence to Sega finalists and retro gaming fans in general. The Genesis Mini 2 packs a lot of games into its frame, but some of them really stand out. Here are the top five games on the Genesis Mini 2.

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earthworm jim 2

Some platform games stood out in the crowded genre during the 16-bit era for their quality and polish. None did as well as him. earthworm jim games. They married bizarre imagery, wacky humor, and tough-as-nails gameplay to create something truly unique. earthworm jim 2 found a way to push the envelope further than its predecessor. Where earthworm jim was a more traditionally linear action platformer, its sequel was more ambitious.

The level where Jim has to shoot his way up through the arena is particularly memorable, with many of the stages playing out as mini-games. earthworm jim 2 is a game that should be experienced first-hand by anyone interested in innovative gaming experiences, and the Genesis Mini 2 is a great way to enjoy the Genesis version, which is considered to be the better of the game’s two 16-bit incarnations.

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Star Fantasy II

Before it became synonymous with the MMO genre on the Dreamcast, the fantasy star franchise produced traditional JRPGs. The most innovative entry in the series was Star Fantasy IIwhich helped establish new JRPG conventions with its dramatic story and strategic gameplay. Star Fantasy IIThe sci-fi setting of also broke new ground, taking the genre out of the realm of fantasy.

Star Fantasy II shows your age at this point. Combat and navigation are a particular point of frustration for modern gamers. Still worth investing in for anyone interested in seeing where JRPGs evolved from and how much of an influence fantasy star has had on his former rival, Final Fantasywhich was released in the United States a few months after Star Fantasy II fallen. Also, the 37 hours it takes to complete 100% DP II it is fast compared to modern games.

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Shadow Dancer: Secrets of Shinobi


While some games let you pet a dog, few let you fight alongside one. shadow dancer features a gameplay mechanic dedicated to launching Shinobi’s canine friend Yamato on his enemies. That alone made the 1989 arcade game’s Genesis adaptation a more memorable experience. Sega went further by improving the gameplay of the console version of shadow dancer. Beyond integrating Yamato’s attacks into Shinobi movement, shadow dancer provides other adjustments to the original.

shadow dancer offers multiple levels of difficulty. Shurikens can also be turned on and off to increase the challenge of the game. There are bonuses, both explained by the game and hidden, that can increase shadow dancerthe replayability. Improved controls also help make shadow dancer a more enjoyable game. Shadow Dancer remains a high water mark for the shinobi series, one worth experiencing on the Genesis Mini 2.

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sonic cd

sonic cd is one of only two Sonic games on the Genesis Mini 2, but that’s not the only reason it’s on this list. sonic cd was released during the glory days of the blue stain before its disappointing games outnumbered its good ones. Even among the games that make up the classic Sonic Canyon, sonic cd stands out with its clever time travel mechanics, expanded narrative, and cutscenes created by the venerable anime studio Toei Animation. Beyond all that, the most attractive of sonic cd on the Genesis Mini 2 is that it is the original Sega CD version and not the remastered version found on the buggy sonic origins Compilation.

streets of rage 3


streets of rage 3 It’s not the best game in the series. Caught between its best classic incarnation and its recent excellent revival, streets of rage 3 can’t help but feel overshadowed. However, being less streets of rage the game is relative. It’s still better than most other games on the console. What streets of rage 3 It lacks innovation over previous entries in the series, it makes up for with improved gameplay. Using the six-button controller from the Genesis, the characters have more attacks than in previous games. Character movement has also been improved, with a dodge twist and the ability for each character to run instead of just skate. streets of rage 3 it also features additional replayability thanks to unlockable characters Shiva and Roo, a literal boxing kangaroo.

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