Top 5 Apps to Help You Type Better on Windows PC

“A great craftsman,” as the old saying goes, “is only as good as his tools.” All writers who have had trouble finding a writing app to improve their writing will no doubt agree with this statement.

If you have finally found yourself in a similar boat, look no further. We’ve put together a list of apps that will help you get rid of that writer’s block, push you into your zone, and give you a head start on your writing. So let’s go in and check out the first writing app for your Windows PC.

1. notary


Scrivener is a popular word processing application used by writers of all shades. Whether you’re a novelist, a struggling screenwriter hungry for ideas and focus, or perhaps a ruminating tech writer like us at MUO, Scrivener has something for everyone.

For example, its Corkboard feature is a unique planning tool. See, in the old days, writers used to have tabs to write and edit individual sections of a piece or story, and then shuffle them around on the typical bulletin board. Now, with Scrivener, you can do the same on your computer.

The “Collection” feature is another useful perk for this app. Helps you create a list of related documents from any part of your project or story. The third feature, and it pairs well with the Collection, is Snapshots. Take a “snapshot” of any version of a script and you can go back to your previous version whenever you want.

These and a litany of other features make Scrivener a gem for writers, despite the initial learning curve some people report facing.

Discharge: Scrivener (free trial, $59.99)

language tool

Language Tool is a free and open source spelling and grammar checker that helps you write or paraphrase your writing. In addition to the simple grammar and spell checker, the tool offers a number of other features, such as:

  • Score checker.
  • Polish your style by spotting and getting rid of overused phrases, weak word choices, etc.
  • AI-powered paraphrasing to rephrase your sentences.
  • Plugins for all popular browsers as well as Office plugins.

Another popular Language Tool alternative is Grammarly, which only supports English. Also, if you want to keep your privacy in check, Grammarly is not the right choice, as everything you touch is uploaded to their servers.

Language Tool, on the other hand, also offers you the self-hosting feature.

Discharge: Language Tool (Free, $59.90/year)

3. Focus on doing

focus on doing

As its name suggests, Focus-To-Do has nothing to do with writing itself. Instead, a combination of task management and the Pomodoro app in Windows, Focus-To-Do helps you focus and write without distraction.

In addition to features that help you write well, what makes it stand out is its straightforward approach to design and task management.

Just add a task to the “Add a task” section on the main page and press Get into. Click the ‘play’ sign and the pomodoro will start. By default, it will be a 45 minute task. Of course, you can change the times. Plus, you can pause your tasks in between, stop them completely, and even add white noise to eliminate distractions.

If you’re particularly prone to distractions, Focus-To-Do is a great tool to have in your writer’s bag.

Discharge: Focus-To-Do (Free, $11.99)

4.GPT chat

A man uses ChatGPT on his laptop

Making big waves on the AI ​​scene, ChatGPT can help you with your writing. ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence tool that can have a human-like dialogue with you, among other things. And when it comes to learning how to use ChatGPT, the use cases are only as limited as the user’s imagination. As a writer, for you, that means the applications are endless, at least theoretically.

While ChatGPT will never replace the human aspects of typing, there are ways you can use it to improve your typing process. Here are some of them:

  • Creative writing: While there is no machine that can match humans in creativity, at least for now, you can use ChatGPT to generate new ideas, learn new writing techniques and paradigms, or even help you develop your plots.
  • Learn new information: It has been claimed that internet search is history now, it will soon be completely replaced by ChatGPT. While what will happen in the future remains to be seen, there is no doubt that ChatGPT is useful for learning new information, facts, data or figures. This is especially true if the information in question is static rather than dynamic. That means ancient statistics, historical instances, philosophical concepts, and a dearth of analysis on these topics – it’s all available at your fingertips. Although keep in mind that ChatGPT does not always provide its correct data or information. So be sure to check the data before using it.
  • Edition: Have you ever thought how wonderful it would have been if you could afford to have a personal editor? With ChatGPT, it’s now a reality for many writers on a budget. Again, while it can’t quite match the nuances of a good human editor, it does a good job of tidying up your writing. You can use it to review, edit, control your style and key, etc. Basically, keep an eye out for everything a real, flesh-and-blood editor would do.

The apps above, with a host of others, make ChatGPT a must-have to help you refine your writing.

As useful as ChatGPT is for a wide range of things, you have to remember that it’s still fallible. In fact, users around the world have caught you delivering false data or figures with the highest authority. Therefore, it is important that you do not treat it as a panacea for all your queries. However, treat it as one more tool that will help you in your personal or professional life, and you will have a good time.

Discharge: ChatGPT (free premium version available)

5. Hemingway Publisher

Hemingway Editor is a popular web-based editor that highlights the use of the passive voice, adverbs, and other phrase misuses in your writing so it reads clearer and bolder.

For example, if you see that Hemingway has highlighted a sentence in yellow, it’s probably because it’s too complex or long; there it is recommended to shorten or simplify it.

Similarly, you should use shorter or simpler words in places with purple highlights. On the other hand, the sentences in green highlight the use of the passive voice. In addition, the app also gives you a quick overview of reading time, the no. of sentences, words and paragraphs in any specific writing.

In addition to the online app, Hemingway also has a desktop version, available for both Mac and Windows.

Discharge: Hemingway Editor (free premium version available)

The best apps to help you type on a Windows PC

Writing is complicated. It’s lonely, often boring at the start of a session, and can often become painfully complicated for the procrastinators or carefree among us, reportedly a large number of people in the 21st century. So it makes sense to use all the help you can get to get your job done.

The apps we’ve listed above are a select set of tools from the vast array of software out there, and they’re sure to help you write better and more productively. That being said, there are always more ways to improve your writing, so we recommend checking out all the other apps that will help you in this process.