Top 13 Nintendo Switch Crime Games Worth Picking Up Today

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Video games are meant to be an escape from the real world. Sometimes, we often wonder “what is it like to be the bad guys”. Well, in video games we can find out. Here are some games that will help you with those feelings.

#13 Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition

We’re going to be honest with you here, if you pick up Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, you’re going to be taking a bit of a gamble. Mainly because you might remember that at launch, this game was literally full of bugs. To the point where it was basically unplayable on some versions.

We can’t say for sure that the Switch version is better, so again, you might take a chance playing this. That said, if it works, you’ll be getting the original GTA games and reliving what helped make this series so famous and infamous.

The choice is yours.

#12 Origins of the Deadly Premonition

The following is a game that has become a classic through the most unique means. Because most agree it’s a bad game, but it’s also an “it’s so bad it’s good” type of game? We never got it, but now it’s on Switch via Deadly Premonition Origins!

In the game, you play as an FBI agent who is desperate to track down an entity known as the Raincoat Killer. But as you make your way through the city where it all takes place, things get weird and crazy in ways you probably wouldn’t expect. So get ready for a mind trip no matter what.

#11 This is the Police

This is the Police is without a doubt a very unique crime game. In it, you will play as the police chief of a spiral city. There are multiple objectives in the game, but there is one that is clear above all else. You need to make 500K in 180 days, because that’s when you retire.

But how you get that money will determine both your fate and the fate of the city.

Because with politicians and mobsters vying for power, you’re one of the only things keeping this city on track. So your choices will matter, determining what kind of boss you are and how much you care about the city you’ve sworn to protect.

#10 Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise

Here is the sequel that no one thought would happen and yet it did. Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise acts as both a sequel and a prequel to the original game.

You’ll play as FBI agent York once again, but this time, a crime in the present will send him back in time to try to find out what’s going on. This will take him to a new city that he can still have unique interactions with, including being able to ride a skateboard.

Why with this franchise? Why not?

#9 Serial Cleaner

As many in the entertainment industry demonstrate, when you commit a crime, you need someone to clean it up. Serial Cleaner will make you one of those “Cleaners”. His work is simple and yet complex. He will be called in to clean up a crime and make sure there is nothing incriminating to tie the bosses to him.

You must enter and leave without leaving any clues, no trace of the commission of a crime. It’s all about detail and speed, and you’ll need both to survive in this 1970s version of a criminal underworld. What will you be when this story ends? Come in and find out.

#8 Empire of Sin

In the 1920s, the amendment that was Prohibition gave rise to many things, one of which was crime lords using the public’s desire for alcohol and other prohibited things to commit literal and figurative murder. In Empire of Sin, you will go back to that time and take control of one of 14 different crime bosses. Including those from history like Al Capone.

Your job is simple, build your criminal empire and put the competition out of business. How you go about earning money and power is up to you. But know that your enemies are everywhere, and winning more is always a goal.

#7 Monaco: Complete Edition

Who doesn’t love a good heist? In Monaco: Complete Edition, you’ll have a chance of achieving the best of all if you can plan ahead and have the right equipment.

Assemble a team of expert thieves to make it all work. But who will you choose? Who will you trust? You can play the game alone or with friends, making sure that you will have to trust each other if you go the multiplayer route.

Just remember, it’s not just about the score, it’s about how you get it and making sure you get out alive. Do you think you can do that and pull off the perfect heist?

#6 Direct Line Miami Collection

To say that Hotline Miami games are brutal titles that can make you question your own sanity is an understatement. These “neon titles” you can get are meant to be both old school and new school in terms of violence and brutality.

Hotline Miami Collection features the original game as well as the sequel to Wrong Number, as well as the soundtrack for both titles to help you enjoy the package even more.

We’ll be very clear here, these games won’t be for everyone. But if you’re up for the events to come here, you might want to give it a try.

#5 L.A. Noire

LA Noire was definitely one of the most unique titles Rockstar Games has ever developed, and we don’t necessarily mean that in a bad way. In the title, you will play as a detective who is assigned a series of grisly murders within Los Angeles. This version of LA looks a lot like the Noir movies of yesteryear, but in full color.

The questions you will have to answer will really be determined by your detective work. You will have to interview witnesses, collect clues from the crime scene and more. But the real questions will come when you start to put the pieces together and realize how corrupt the city is.

#4 Saints Row IV: Re-elected

The Saints Row franchise is about to be rebooted with a new team and location. But if you want to go back to the last main game they had, then Saints Row IV: Re-Elected is the one for you.

This time, the Saints get political, sort of. The Chief becomes president long enough for an alien invasion to take place and most of the population to be enslaved by the evil Zinyak.

Now, the Boss must escape from a virtual world and recover all the Saints who survived, and fight against the alien threat. Meanwhile, he unlocks more and more superpowers along the way!

#3 Hitman 3 – Cloud Version

We’ll admit that Cloud Gaming isn’t for everyone just yet. But, if you’re willing to take it on, you can get Hitman 3 – Cloud Version on the Nintendo Switch and possibly have a very fun time with it.

In the game, you will once again play as the legendary Agent 47. You will have a new set of contracts to go and enact, as well as massive locations to go and set up your kills. But the question is… how will you do it? Will you go for the direct approach if possible? Will you try to be creative? What clues will you get on your way to the target?

Enter the world of assassins and see where it takes you.

#2 payday 2

One could argue that Payday 2 is easily one of the best crime games ever made. Because it’s about the art of getting away with crimes like theft. You play in a team of four and you are going to rob several banks in various ways.

But it is much more than that, you will need to have the right team, the right plan and then execute it smoothly, otherwise things will go wrong.

Plus, with all of the game’s DLC, you’ll get new settings, new people to work with, and new ways to act out your crimes. Just remember, in the end? It’s about payday.

#1 Saints Row The Third – The Complete Package

Honestly, it’s kind of poetic that we started with a GTA title and now we end up with a GTA clone. But make no mistake, Saints Row The Third – The Full Package is proof that sometimes a clone can outshine the original.

Because in this game, you will be able to experience the street gang known as The Saints at their highest point. They’ve taken over Stillwater and are now heading to a place known as Steeleport. But doing so won’t be easy, as they’ll be up against a rival group known as The Syndicate, as well as the government agency known as STAG.

You are the boss, make things work and make the city yours.

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