Top 10 most valuable PlayStation games

Having done the research to find the 10 most valuable PlayStation games, it was abundantly clear that no one else had. Much of the research previously done for valuable games is not a deep dive into the world of auctions. This article serves to immerse readers in this world.

Let anyone see which PlayStation games are selling for the most money. The amount of money spent is absurdly inhospitable to the common person but very interesting to learn about. This article aims to analyze the most expensive PlayStation games ever sold using data provided by some of the most prolific auction websites that also sell video games.


10/10 Spyro ($31,200)

A copy of Spyro sold for $31,000 on the Heritage Auctions website. This copy of the game was rated very highly by a company called WATA. What this means is that WATA games rate the condition of the box and what’s inside it from 1 to 10 and then rate the condition of the game stamp from C to A++.

This copy received a sealed WATA 9.6 A+ rating. This means that this copy is in very good condition overall, with very few scratches. Part of what makes this title so expensive is that it’s also the first production variant of the game. Previously, in April 2021, there was a higher-end Spyro, but it was not a first production variant.

9/10 Tekken ($38,400)

Tekken sold at Heritage Auctions for a total of $38,400. This variant of the game got a sealed WATA score of 9.4 A. This means that the game didn’t get the best score, but it was pretty good overall.

This variant of the game is extremely special. In addition to its rating, it has a double security tag bug that makes it extremely rare. There probably isn’t another Tekken like it. Tekken is also one of the best selling fighting game franchises so it must have made this a highly sought after game.

8/10 Grand Theft Auto ($40,800)

Heritage Auctions sold a copy of Grand Theft Auto for $40,800 on October 29, 2021. This version of Grand Theft Auto earned a sealed WATA score of 9.6 A++. This means that the box was in very good condition and the seal was perfect.

This is the second highest rated version of Grand Theft Auto that Heritage sold. What makes it more valuable than the previous copy is that this is a first production copy. This was the Grand Theft Auto that started it all and was played from a top-down perspective versus the combination of first and third person that the most recent version brought.

Marvel Vs Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes sold on the Golden Auctions website for $47,000. The game has a WATA rating of 9.8 A++. This makes this game almost perfect in its rating, which means that it is very close to the condition in which it was produced.

The game itself is iconic to many. The box that contains it also still bears its security label and tear strip. The game is iconic and much loved in the fighting game community. It allows players to battle each other using Marvel and Capcom characters.

6/10 Crash Bandicoot ($48,000)

At Heritage Auctions, Crash Bandicoot sells for $48,000. This game has a sealed WATA 9.4 A rating. That’s not the best rating out of many of the games featured on this list, but it’s still an excellent rating for this specific game. Playstation jewelry cases were some of the most fragile game cases out there.

This Crash Bandicoot comes in one of those cases and is still properly maintained. This game is a classic that will always be remembered as the introduction of one of Sony’s first platform mascots: Crash Bandicoot. It was also one of the first platformers to introduce 3D elements, but acts primarily as a 2D platformer.

5/10 Death ($66,000)

Doom on PlayStation was able to sell at Heritage Auctions for $66,000. This was a WATA 9.6 A+ stamped copy that was an early production Ridged Longbox edition. The Ridged Longbox game variant is one of the hardest to find for PlayStation game collectors. These were the original PlayStation game boxes before they were moved to jewel cd cases. Many times these boxes have been abused, but this one is almost in perfect condition.

This copy is also the PlayStation Custom Edition, which makes it special in itself. Players should also note that although the title was called Doom, it was actually a Doom game based on Doom II: Hell on Earth and another Doom game: The Ultimate Doom.

4/10 Final Fantasy VII ($144,000)

Final Fantasy VII sold for a staggering $144,000 at Heritage Auctions. The set has a sealed WATA 9.8 A+ rating and is the only copy of the corrected “Masterpiece” later production variant in its condition. Many of these other variants had a hole punched out showing that it was a promotional or employee copy of the game.

This is one of the most beloved Final Fantasy games, so it’s no surprise that it sells for so much. The game changed the way a story unfolded and sucked players into a fantasy world.

3/10 Tomb Raider ($144,000)

Heritage Auctions sold Tomb Raider for a total of $144,000. This has to do with many factors. The game earned a sealed WATA 9.4 A score. In the world of Tomb Raider ratings, this is a huge deal, as it is extremely rare to find the original Tomb Raider game in such near-perfect condition.

Although Lara Croft is not the first woman to appear in video games, she is still a very iconic woman in video games. Her design was meant to go against the oversexualization of women in games, according to the developers. Her role in gaming history and the fun of the game will surely be responsible for people making such high bids on the game.

Twisted Metal sold at Heritage Auctions for $156,000. This game received a sealed WATA score of 9.6 A+. On top of that, it’s a variant that comes in the original Ridged Longbox form. It’s also one of the earliest production copies, meaning it had to be created in 1995.

Twisted Metal also set the precedent for many combat racing games that followed. The game has also garnered quite a following with its themes that have gotten darker over the years. The fact that this set was found in its near mint condition is sheer luck and a rare gift for whoever managed to purchase it.

1/10 Resident Evil ($264,000)

Resident Evil was sold for the price of $264,000 at Heritage Auctions. This game has a sealed WATA 9.6 A+ rating in a Ridged Longbox. This game also happens to be one in the first production. Part of the elusive nature of this game comes from the fact that in total there are fewer than ten sealed copies known to exist.

Resident Evil established the necessary steps for games to expand into the survival horror genre. It had a lot of interesting options in its story and mechanics. Those flaws didn’t stop him from creating an experience that would captivate players’ attention.

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