Top 10 Most Underrated Soulslike Games

The Souls-like subgenre has become increasingly entrenched in the mainstream gaming space since FromSoftware popularized the formula, especially with elden ringThe recent emphatic success of . And like the similarly coined “Metroidvania” subgenre, FromSoft the souls of the devil Y Dark souls inspired a lot of developers to try their luck with the formula.

It is true that some fell flat and came out as copies. However, there are other more underrated Souls-likes, like the sci-fi take on the genre in the surge series, which are admirable efforts.



Mixing the aforementioned Metroidvania subgenre that metroid Y Castlevania paved the way for with Souls-like, The Game Kitchen’s Blasphemous is possibly one of the best 2D games in the genre.

This action RPG is set in a similarly bleak dark fantasy world with a pixel art style, where players combine the platforming and exploration elements of Metroidvanias and the gritty combat of Dark souls during the game. The game puts players in the role of the Relevant in a fictional country inspired by Spain ruled by the vice of the earth’s analogue of Christian fundamentalism during the Middle Ages.

wave 2

While Deck13 Interactive’s first game received lukewarm critical reception, wave 2 it was positively received as a welcome improvement over its predecessor. As the Dark souls games that influenced him, wave 2 is another action RPG interpretation of the Souls-like genre. However, this game strips away the usual dark fantasy setting it inspires and puts a sci-fi spin on it.

It takes place in a dystopian sci-fi future where humanity has wasted all of the earth’s resources and is trying to right its wrongs. Combined with wildly entertaining combat mechanics and crafting systems, wave 2 should be a welcome change of pace from FromSoftware’s “Soulsborne” game catalogue.

Remnant: From the Ashes

Soul-like games generally involve a focus on close combat (with ranged magic on the side). Nevertheless, Remnant: From the Ashes from Gunfire Games is a rare example of a Souls-like that effectively throws gunplay into the mix. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the planet has been devastated by an interdimensional scourge called Root.

Throwing fast-paced third-person shooter mechanics with survival elements into its gameplay loop, Remnant: From the Ashes is a fun and unique game within the dense Souls-like genre. Plus, the game is even more exciting thanks to its multiplayer components and loot-based character customization.

salt and sanctuary

ska studios Salt and Sanctuary is another Souls-like 2D dark fantasy that uses a darkly stylized pixel art direction. Even if the game’s overall approach is a dime a dozen, the way it implements its Metroidvania-soulslike blend is still engaging in its own right.

Exploration takes over from the former, with players encouraged to go back and explore other locations after unlocking new abilities. Salt and Sanctuary it cleverly uses its 2D platforming mechanics in boss fights, with players able to use the environments to their advantage. Its dark fantasy setting also borrows aspects of Eldritch horror.

vein code

With how popular the FromSoft subgenre has become, it’s no surprise that a game developer like Bandai Namco would come along to combine that formula with anime. vein code Admittedly, it received a more mixed critical reception, with criticism leveled at the story, graphics, and messy level design.

However, the game’s on-the-fly class system and bombastic anime combat style still made it a fun anime game overall. vein code allows for delightfully bizarre character customization set against a vampire-themed dark fantasy backdrop for those willing to play a quirky take on the subgenre.


Last years Dirt, developed by Clover Bite, is one of the most inventive Metroidvania/Souls-type games when it comes to visuals and premise. It’s certainly fantastical in nature, but it’s a world that’s grotesquely surreal as its environments and monsters are based on monstrous bodily anatomy.

The main character, whose head is a black hole, traverses the world to discover how it came to be the body horror nightmare that it is. Tough Souls-like combat with literally evolving weapons and 2D Metroidvania action platforming come together for creative gameplay based on familiar inspirations.

mortal shell

Though certainly smaller in scope, developer Cold Symmetry mortal shell has been regarded as one of the most similar non-FromSoft Souls games. Dark souls. It takes place in a grim fantasy world populated by brutal monsters to make combat a constantly intense affair, but mortal shell it also features some outstanding gameplay features.

The protagonist is an entity that can possess the corpses of warriors and use their unique combat style. Players can also use a charged “Harden” ability to defend themselves in the middle of the action, which makes for an interesting change to the gameplay loop.


A44 Pale is another aesthetically unique Souls-like that simultaneously distills the sub-genre into its core mechanics. The game takes place in a sunless world where a character embarks on a journey in search of a home. While the gloomy atmosphere is certainly par for the course in a Souls-like, it is PaleThe gloomy minimalist world of ‘s that sets it apart visually.

It uses traditional tough combat, unpredictable enemies, and story subtlety to unravel to great effect so it doesn’t feel like a lazy imitation of Dark souls. The gameplay loop is even stronger thanks to cooperative multiplayer functionality.


While the game released this year and garnered impressive critical reception, it fell under the radar a bit due to the triple-A title releases of 2022. Sayo is a beautifully designed action-adventure game with charm, both in art direction and gameplay. It combines the best elements of the classic. The legend of Zelda games as well as Dark soulswith an isometric perspective where level design and progression go hand in hand and combat involving stamina and real-time item management.

And of course, Sayo it leaves the player in the world with little direction and a narrative that unfolds through item discovery and environmental storytelling. Hopefully it will get more exposure when the game launches again this fall for PlayStation consoles.

Lords of the Fallen

Often cited as one of the original “soul clones”, Deck13 Interactive and CI Games lords of the fallen he unabashedly wears his inspirations on his sleeve, which was also one of several criticisms of the game amid its average reception.

It’s for that reason that FromSoft veterans can understandably ignore the game, but it’s still a different enough experience for those who want more of the same and newcomers who want to tackle something more forgiving. lords of the fallen opt for a faster-paced action RPG experience that relies in part on the loot mechanic.

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